Tuesday, 23 January 2018


There is continuous screeching and hype over North Korea's threat to the world, and their nuclear weapons program. But how many countries has North Korea invaded, exploited and destroyed vs. the u.s. ? It won't do to simply repeat the baseless crap the media is always spewing forth. Fuck imperialism.

‘Wormwood,’ the DPRK, and germ warfare

In 1952, a six-person international scientific commission, led by the preeminent British biochemist, Joseph Needham, visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The U.S. was carpet bombing the DPRK then.  Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay later bragged to the Office of Air War History of his exploits: “Over a period of three years or so, we killed off — what — 20 percent of the population.” (Washington Post, March 24, 2015)
But it wasn’t only exploding bombs and napalm that were being rained down on the DPRK. The international commission found evidence that the U.S. had engaged in germ warfare that sickened and killed villagers in this young socialist country — which had so recently liberated itself from 35 years of Japanese colonial rule.
The team took films of insects crawling on the snow-covered ground next to canisters dropped from the sky. They interviewed villagers who had strange lesions all over their bodies and who had become ill with contagious diseases after U.S. planes flew overhead.
When their findings were made public, the U.S. government and obedient media were shocked and scandalized. What an outrageous charge! This country, leader of the free world, would never do such a thing! What liars, what dupes are these “fellow travelers” of the “commies”!
Viewers should keep all this in mind when watching “Wormwood,” the six-part documentary series now being aired on Netflix. “Wormwood” is about the death in 1953 of Frank Olson.  At that time he was a leading scientist at the U.S. Army’s germ warfare facility at Fort Detrick, Md., and an employee of the CIA.
Olson’s body was found on the pavement in front of the Statler Hotel in New York on the night of Nov. 28, 1953. The authorities explained to the press that Olson had plunged to his death from a 13th-story room in the hotel in either an accident or a suicide. Neither explanation was easy for his shocked and mourning family to accept.
One of Olson’s sons, Eric Olson, couldn’t let it go. He turned over and over in his mind the circumstances of his father’s death; the official explanation just didn’t add up. So he began what turned into decades of probing and prodding to try to find out the truth.
CIA secrets exposed
In 1975, secrets of the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control program finally came out. Then came a “confession” from the government: Olson had jumped out of the window because of a CIA experiment with LSD that had “gone wrong.”
Eventually Olson’s family met with CIA head William Colby, as well as President Gerald Ford, who both apologized for the unfortunate “accident.” Olson’s relatives were given a monetary settlement for his “wrongful death.”
But still Eric Olson persisted. Without revealing a “spoiler” for those who intend to watch this series, it is enough to say that the film makes a strong case for Olson being deliberately murdered by the CIA because he wanted “out” from his job of perfecting horrible weapons, like aerosolized anthrax.
Seymour Hersh, the investigative journalist, appears in the series. He is cagey not to reveal any sources, but agrees with Eric Olson that the CIA murdered his father. This film uncovers a lifetime of government deceit.
Doesn’t this tell us a lot about the vicious U.S. lies and defamation of the leaders and people of north Korea that persist today and have reached a crescendo just because that country has finally developed a powerful way to defend itself from another horrible U.S. war?

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Monday, 22 January 2018


It's truly incredible that the n.d.p. have survived for so long without having either brain or spine. Just as amazing is the efforts of their supporters to defend any and every flip-flop their beloved unprincipled bunch of dorks make. Of course, the latest one if the complete 180 they've made on the Site C Dam  , which they vehemently opposed while they were the opposition , and now are going ahead with the project. Their main excuse is that there has already been a huge amount of money spent to get it started, so they'd might as well finish it. Pathetic , superficial bullshit. So what is to be read into this is that everything has it's price, including  whatever it is you claim you stand for , and never mind what the First Nations , environmentalists and scientists think. Fuck the n.d.p. Read the link about Site C.

Sunday, 21 January 2018


It doesn't matter that the recent upsurge and opening up about sexual harassment and assault have almost taken on the dimensions of being a new trend . This is long overdue, and being silenced and intimidated  ( like they do to women soldiers ) will not do. I know that there will be a ( and is ) a backlash against this movement, but fuck those assholes , and everyone who would try to shut this down. Fuck you and go back to your cave.
   Into the streets !   

Saturday, 20 January 2018


There are still some people who harbour some misguided notion that " cooler heads will prevail " and trump will not start yet another fucking war. How the fuck people are that naive is beyond me. President shithole proves that we are not " on the same team " every time he opens his big shithole and says something inflammatory and completely fucking stupid. Read this :

If You’re One of Those People Who Tells Yourself the “Adults” in the White House Will Restrain Trump from Nuclear War—You Better Read This Article

January 15, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

Donald Trump continues to taunt Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, and threatens to attack the country of 27 million people. The world is teetering on the brink of possible nuclear war. This is real. It would mean a holocaust of indescribable suffering.
What are you doing about this? Do you hope that the “adults in the room” at the White House can steer Donald Trump away from launching a war against North Korea?
Think again. A recent article in The Atlantic reveals the cold-blooded big-power calculations behind the dangerous moves and threats the U.S. is making in the Korean Peninsula, in particular the outlook and thinking of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, an “intellectual” in Trump’s cabinet.
McMaster is a “respected” figure in the U.S. military establishment. He is regarded as one of the “leading thinkers about the future of war.” The Atlantic article raises the question, “Why does Donald Trump’s national-security advisor insist—more vigorously than any administration official except the president himself—that Kim Jong-un must be denied the capability to place a nuclear warhead on a missile that can reach the United States, even if this requires initiating a military conflict with the North that could devolve into a cataclysmic war?”
Any U.S. military attack on North Korea—including a so-called “bloody nose” strike, a quick attack meant to send a “signal” to the North Korean leadership—would be utterly unjust aggression and a crime against humanity of monstrous proportions. And it could also escalate very quickly and horrifically into a bigger war with catastrophic consequences for millions of human lives. John Nagl, a retired lieutenant colonel who worked with McMaster in Iraq, described this scenario: “We give North Korea a ‘bloody nose.’ They respond with a conventional artillery strike on [the South Korean capital of] Seoul. We go nuclear. China mobilizes [to prevent the Kim regime’s fall]. ... There is every prospect of a ‘bloody nose’ for North Korea ending in global war between China and the United States.”

A Test of Wills

This is madness. But there’s a logic—an imperialist logic—behind this madness. McMaster and others see U.S. global dominance threatened from various quarters, with different powers and forces testing U.S. power, probing weaknesses, and seeing how the U.S. responds. McMaster draws lessons from the periods leading up to World War 1 and World War 2—periods of complex maneuvers, challenges, and tensions among different global powers that culminated in catastrophic wars among them.
McMaster thinks that similar to the 1930s, in the period leading up to WW2, multiple large and heavily armed states today confront and jockey with each other for a dominant position. These rivals and potential rivals want to “revise the global order” of U.S. domination. McMaster, the Trump/Pence regime, and the U.S. ruling class as a whole—including the Democratic Party leadership—are determined to prevail in this situation, whatever it takes. Keep in mind that an estimated 60 to 80 million people died in WW2. Today’s weaponry dwarfs the killing capacity of the arsenals used in WW2. McMaster’s study of the 1930s is not a scholarly pursuit of historic knowledge. He is calculating how to lead an empire through a tsunami of blood, death and destruction—and emerge “victorious.”
What does all this have to do with North Korea? As even many U.S. ruling class “experts” acknowledge, North Korea’s few nukes and missiles are not meant as “first strike” weapons, but are an attempt by the country’s leadership to “deter” (prevent) an attack by a much bigger power like the U.S. Kim Jong-un, head of the North Korean regime, has pointed to how U.S. and European powers pressured Muammar Qadaffi of Libya to give up that country’s nuclear program—and then he was ousted by force and killed.
For the rulers of the U.S., stopping North Korean development of nuclear weapons—by war if necessary—has major implications for their whole global power. The Atlantic article characterizes the thinking of McMaster and others: “U.S. allies and adversaries around the world are watching to see whether the United States passes or fails the test of wills on the Korean peninsula, which helps account for McMaster’s worries about sparking a nuclear-arms race and losing America’s alliance with South Korea and foothold in East Asia ... which helps explain why McMaster has set the stakes for the North Korean nuclear crisis so high.”
With this line of reasoning, such things as the recent “thaw” in relations between North and South Korea, and possible talks between the two governments, are not seen by U.S. rulers as “hopeful signs” leading away from war. In fact, if the Trump/Pence regime thinks that North Korea is making some inroads in creating divisions between South Korea and its U.S. imperialist backer, this might compel the U.S. to ramp up its war moves against North Korea, in order to avoid being seen as weak by its rivals and challengers around the world.
McMaster is no blathering loudmouth who flies off the handle with rabid rants. He doesn’t bluster about how his “nuclear button ... is a much bigger & more powerful one” than Kim Jong-un’s. He is utterly rational and cold-blooded in his calculations for conflicts that could lead to nuclear exchanges and the unimaginable death and destruction they would cause.

What Clinging to the Hope (Delusion) That Democrats Will Stop War Will Lead To

If the “sane” figures like McMaster within the regime aren’t going to prevent this war (and in fact are actively preparing and pushing for it), how about the leading Democrats?
These Democratic officials are the same people who, at their 2016 national convention to nominate Hillary Clinton, drowned out a few delegates chanting antiwar slogans by leading jingoistic chants of “USA! USA!” These are the same ruling class politicians who heaped praise on McMaster when Trump appointed him last year. The same people, like Pelosi and Schumer, who have been pushing Trump to be even tougher on sanctions against North Korea and other countries accused of trading with it—before taking the “last resort” of war. This is the same Democratic Party whose members voted unanimously last May to impose sanctions on companies who do business with North Korea. The same Democratic Party whose ranking member on the Foreign Relations Committee (Edward Markey of Massachusetts) wrote a letter praising Trump for the sanctions he imposed on North Korea.
Here’s one central thing everyone in the Trump/Pence entourage and the Democratic Party agree on—it is intolerable for the U.S. to allow North Korea to maintain a nuclear deterrent.
And people are supposed to hope that these Democrats are going to stop the monsters in the White House from launching WW3?!?! They won’t—because they see their responsibility as either “bringing along” the more antiwar sections of the population when Republicans are in office and launching wars, or launching wars themselves when they are in office—when they think that the interests of the U.S. dictate doing so. These interests are imperialist interests—based on the premise of the supposed “justice” of the U.S. dominating the planet. Clinging to the hope (the delusion) that the Democrats will stop the fascists in power from going to war will facilitate these war crimes in the making.

A Challenge Facing Everyone

And that leads to a moral challenge, which we all face: Remain silent—and complicit—in the intensifying plans and moves of this regime for a criminal imperialist war... Or do everything we can to raise the alarm and rally others to say NO!, and to work to build the only thing that even has a chance of preventing this catastrophe—massive, independent action against the war. The extremely urgent situation and the huge stakes for humanity demand that people take the right stand, right now.

Friday, 19 January 2018


The " false alarm " of a missile attack on Hawaii is indeed being used to amp up the fucking propaganda against North Korea, and whoever else the u.s. deems to be an enemy. Fuck president shithole .

False Alarm of “Missile Threat Inbound” on Hawai`i—and the Very Real Danger of a Criminal U.S. War in Korea

Updated January 15, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

On Saturday early morning, people across Hawai`i got an alarming message on their phones from the Hawai`i Emergency Management Agency, saying: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAI`I. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Especially at a time when the Trump/Pence regime has been dialing up war threats against North Korea and Democrats and the mainstream media have been joining in the scare-mongering about the “threat” to the U.S. from North Korean missiles, the emergency alert set off widespread panic. It was 38 minutes later that government officials said this was a “false alarm.”
Whatever the actual origin of the “false alarm” in Hawai`i, the authorities will attempt to reassure people that “this is being looked into.” But there is more. It is highly likely that the dominant fascist sections of the ruling class—with the Trump/Pence regime at the core—will use this as a way to get people to imagine themselves in the middle of a situation like that. This will go along with promoting the thinking that if people want to avoid that, they are going to have to go along with the regime’s threats of what would be a “pre-emptive” war against North Korea. And judging from past practice and current silence, the leading forces of the Democratic Party would at most offer tepid amendments.
These monsters in the White House (and the capitalist-imperialist ruling class as a whole) don’t care one bit about the people. They are more than willing to let people die—or, in this case, to “have the experience” of what it would feel like to stare death in the face for over half an hour—in order to herd them into their plans to maintain and advance the absolutely unjust interests of empire. They are in fact plotting and planning ways to destroy North Korea (see, for instance, the recent piece in Atlantic magazine about Trump’s national security advisor H.R. McMaster and his thinking on war on North Korea) as part of their overall contention for empire. Such a war could easily mean the mass murder of millions of children, women and men in that country and many millions more in the region and beyond—and could easily spiral into a war involving different countries.
Not only must we, the people in the U.S., REFUSE to allow ourselves to be enlisted into what would be a truly monumental crime… but we must actually actively resist this, breaking the silence that has been way too deep.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


trump has just called third world countries " shitholes ". Well, it looks like those places aren't so distasteful that the amerikkkan imperialists will stop taking their profits out of them. Stupid fucking hypocritical asshole. And he says that the u.s. needs more immigrants from countries like Norway. Why the fuck would they go to the u.s., when Norway's standard of living and social safety net are undoubtedly better ? Holy fuck, his head is always up his ass.

Trump Calls Black and Brown Nations “Shitholes”

Drive These “Make America White Again” Fascists from Power!

January 15, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

On January 11, Donald Trump, the Piece of Shit of the U.S. (hereafter, “POSTUS”), came full out of his KKK closet in a room full of congressmen and aides, demanding to know why the U.S. should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador, and the whole continent of Africa. POSTUS said the U.S. needs immigrants from countries like overwhelmingly white Norway. Referring to the hundreds of thousands of Haitians in the U.S., Trump said, “Take them out!”
All this was no “slip.” No, this is “the new normal” Americans are supposed to accept—and by the way, you ARE accepting if you are not raising holy hell about it.
According to Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, POSTUS used this language repeatedly as part of laying out his position on immigrants and immigration. No one in the room clearly denied that he said this. A White House spokesman bragged that these remarks showed that POSTUS “will always fight for the American people,” and unnamed sources in the White House said the comments would “resonate” with his base. And, while some have criticized his “vulgarity,” almost the entire Republican Party has closed ranks around the content of what POSTUS said.
So let’s be dead-clear on what just happened. First, no joke or exaggeration, “Make America Great Again” means “Make America White Again.” Literally.
This is Nazi shit—this is dividing up humanity into racial categories and saying some of them aren’t human. Period. And under this “logic,” the fascists won’t even stop with driving out immigrants from these “shithole countries,” but will go after their U.S.-born descendants as well.
The Trump/Pence regime is already enacting the policies that are racing down that road. It is throwing out 260,000 Salvadorans and 60,000 Haitians here under TPS (Temporary Protected Status, granted in the face of catastrophic conditions in their homelands). For many of these people, going back to those countries, devastated because of decades of what the U.S. has done, is a death sentence. And it is threatening to end protection for 800,000 mainly Latino “Dreamers” in the DACA program (people who came to the U.S. with their undocumented parents and have grown up and sunk roots in the U.S.). The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is cranking up deportations and building “detention centers” as fast as it can. POSTUS pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was in trouble with the courts because he profiled, harassed, brutalized and detained all people of Mexican-American descent, even if they were born in the USA. And POSTUS is already treating Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands like they are not part of the U.S., at the cost of tremendous suffering.
And this is also a message to the racist mob that is the hard-core base of this regime—it is normalizing the dehumanization of Black and Brown people, turning their families and communities into—in the eyes of the regime’s followers—an “infestation” that is “destroying America.”
This is the outlook that leads to pogroms, to lynchings, to massacres, to holocausts.
If you say “It can’t happen here” when it fucking IS happening here, then objectively, regardless of your wishes or intentions, you are complicit in it happening. And it is not going to get easier to stand up against this if you wait and do nothing.
And speaking of the Democrats! What the fuck!?!?
Dick Durbin is a prominent, supposedly liberal and principled Democratic senator. And yes, after the meeting he publicly denounced Trump’s racism.
But the real question is, why was he even in the room with POSTUS and these other virulent anti-immigrant fanatics to hear this ugly ranting in the first place? And why didn’t he stand up and walk the fuck out when POSTUS said this shit the first time?
Because he was trying to “make a deal” on immigration. Durbin was offering to “trade”: money for the fascists’ Wall against Mexico and “discussion” about ending so-called “chain migration,”1 for a temporary reprieve for the Dreamers. (And by the way, the Dreamers themselves have made clear that they do NOT want to be the bait in such a deal, that they are not going to betray their families, their relatives, their principles, for a momentary reprieve from deportation.) This would amount to a “deal” to facilitate and smooth over the rough edges of ethnic cleansing. Once over this rough patch, the fascists would undoubtedly turn around and deport the Dreamers as well.
Durbin, along with Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Warren and all the majorDemocratic figures, are collaborators with this regime2 , and they showed it in their reaction to this watershed moment. Confronted with the undeniable reality that a white supremacist regime holds power, they doubled down on their “willingness to seek common ground,” on their position of keeping impeachment “off the table,” and their determination to funnel all the anger, outrage and fear of the majority of the population into “voting Democratic” in 2018, 2020, 2022... ad infinitum, ad nauseam.
The Democrats are the “escape valve” for the simmering mass hatred of this regime, diverting people from the kind of mass outpourings in the streets that are urgently necessary and possible to DRIVE THIS REGIME OUT, and into electoral dead ends. In return, maybe some immigrant children will get a pat on the head while their parents are being dragged away and deported... before they themselves are deported!
So... what about YOU? If you fell for, or convinced yourself to put up with this bullshit once, or twice, or a hundred times, you don’t have to do it again. It’s time to wake up: there is something deeply wrong with failing to confront reality when it is staring you in the face—the reality that relying on the Democrats is an utterly bankrupt strategy for stopping Trump and these unfolding horrors. This system will not correct itself without ordinary people stepping outside of the “normal channels.”
Things have reached the point where ALL people of conscience MUST go into the streets and say BASTA YA! No More! This Regime Must Get The Fuck OUT!
Right now, RefuseFascism.org is organizing people to do exactly that. Get with them! Join them!

1. “Chain migration” is the fascists’ insulting term for the process where foreign-born U.S. citizens can—horrors!—sponsor their parents, grandparents, children to come here as well. [back]
2. A number of Black and Brown Democratic officials have strongly denounced Trump as a racist, but these are figures with no real power or influence on the national Democratic Party. [back]

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


It looks like the young girl in ontario who said that a man attacked her with scissors and tried to cut off her hijab might not have been telling the truth, although there is always a chance the police could be mistaken. So for now, I am retracting that part of the story, although the point of the entry was there is no such thing as "universal canadian values ", and  I still stand behind that 100% .  To cite a few more examples, is the way tim horton's staff being treated now that minimum wage has gone up in ontario, "canadian values "? They are having their benefits cut because the company is saying they can't afford the new wage, which is complete and utter bullshit. Or how about people who worked for sear's for years and some who have been there for decades , who are now being told they may not get their pensions ? Lousy cheating fuckers.

And how about this for "canadian values "? Good day, assholes.

Sexual Assault Statistics in Canada

A Numerical Representation of the Truth

  • Of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only 6 are reported to the police
  • 1 - 2% of "date rape" sexual assaults are reported to the police
  • 1 in 4 North American women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime
  • 11% of women have physical injury resulting for sexual assault
  • Only 2 - 4% of all sexual assaults reported are false reports
  • 60% of sexual abuse/assault victims are under the age of 17
  • over 80% of sex crime victims are women
  • 80% of sexual assault incidents occur in the home
  • 17% of girls under 16 have experienced some form of incest
  • 83% of disabled women will be sexual assaulted during their lifetime
  • 15% of sexual assault victims are boys under 16
  • half of all sexual offenders are married or in long term relationships
  • 57% of aboriginal women have been sexually abused
  • 1/5th of all sexual assaults involve a weapon of some sort
  • 80% of assailants are friends and family of the victim