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The greatest obstacle to liberation for the majority of people is being stuck in the force of habit, old ideas, and believing cliches and other crap they've been force fed all of their lives. That's why it needs to be hammered on over and over again that the kkkanadian government and the system they  are a part of is imperialist, and they will stop at nothing to get oppressed countries to bow to their will, just like the fucking amerikkkans. Read this article about the disgusting poisonous hypocrisy of the way the Venezuelan and Haitian governments are being handled.

Canadian policy on Venezuela, Haiti reveals hypocrisy that media ignores

Haitian protester waves Venezuela flag in solidarity with Maduro
If the dominant media was serious about holding the Canadian government to account for its foreign policy decisions, there would be numerous stories pointing out the hypocrisy of Ottawa’s response to recent political developments in Haiti and Venezuela.
Instead silence, or worse, cheer-leading.
Venezuela is a deeply divided society. Maybe a quarter of Venezuelans want the president removed by (almost) any means. A similar proportion backs Nicolas Maduro. A larger share of the population oscillates between these two poles, though they generally prefer the president to opposition forces that support economic sanctions and a possible invasion.
There are many legitimate criticisms of Maduro, including questions about his electoral bonafides after a presidential recall referendum was scuttled and the Constituent Assembly usurped the power of the opposition dominated National Assembly (of course many opposition actors’ democratic credentials are far more tainted). But, the presidential election in May demonstrates that Maduro and his PSUV party maintain considerable support. Despite the opposition boycott, the turnout was over 40% and Maduro received a higher proportion of the overall vote than leaders in the US, Canada and elsewhere. Additionally, Venezuela has an efficient and transparent electoral system — “best in the world” according to Jimmy Carter in 2012 — and it was the government that requested more international electoral observers.
Unlike Venezuela, Haiti is not divided. Basically, everyone wants the current “president” to go. While the slums have made that clear for months, important segments of the establishment (Reginald Boulos, Youri Latortue, Chamber of Commerce, etc) have turned on Jovenel Moïse. Reliable polling is limited, but it’s possible 9 in 10 Haitians want President Moïse to leave immediately. Many of them are strongly committed to that view, which is why the country’s urban areas have been largely paralyzed since February 7.
In a bid to squelch the protests, government forces (and their allies) have killed dozens in recent months. If you include the terrible massacre reported here and here in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of La Saline on November 11-13 that number rises far above 100.
Even prior to recent protests the president’s claim to legitimacy was paper-thin. Moïse assumed the job through voter suppression and electoral  fraud. Voter turnout was 18%. His predecessor and sponsor, Michel Martelly, only held elections after significant protests. For his part, Martelly took office with about 16 per cent of the vote, since the election was largely boycotted. After the first round, US and Canadian representatives pressured the electoral council to replace the second-place candidate, Jude Celestin, with Martelly in the runoff.
While you won’t have read about it in the mainstream media, recent protests in Haiti are connected to Venezuela. The protesters’ main demand is accountability for the billions of dollars pilfered from Petrocaribe, a discounted oil program set up by Venezuela in 2006. In the summer demonstrators forced out Moïse’s prime minister over an effort to eliminate fuel subsidies and calls for the president to go have swelled since then. Adding to popular disgust with Moïse, his government succumbed to US/Canadian pressure to vote against Venezuela at the OAS last month.
So what has been Ottawa’s response to the popular protests in Haiti? Has Global Affairs Canada released a statement supporting the will of the people? Has Canada built a regional coalition to remove the president? Has Canada’s PM called other international leaders to lobby them to join his effort to remove Haiti’s President? Have they made a major aid announcement designed to elicit regime change? Have they asked the International Criminal Court to investigate the Haitian government? Has Justin Trudeau called the Haitian President a “brutal dictator”?
In fact, it’s the exact opposite to the situation in Venezuela. The only reason the Haitian president is hanging on is because of support from the so-called “Core Group” of “Friends of Haiti”. Comprising the ambassadors of Canada, France, Brazil, Germany and the US, as well as representatives of Spain, EU and OAS, the “Core Group” released a statement  last week “acknowledging the professionalism shown by the Haitian National Police.” The statement condescendingly “reiterated the fact that in a democracy change must come through the ballot box, and not through violence.” The “Core Group’s” previous responses  to the protests expressed stronger support of the unpopular government. As I detailed  10 weeks ago in a story headlined “Canada backs Haitian government, even as police force kills demonstrators”, Ottawa has provided countless forms of support to Moïse’s unpopular government. Since then Justin Trudeau had a “very productive meeting” with Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant, International development minister Marie-Claude Bibeau‏ declared a desire to “come to the aid” of the Haitian government and Global Affairs Canada released a statement declaring that “acts of political violence have no place in the democratic process.” Trudeau’s government has provided various forms of support to the repressive police that maintains Moïse’s rule. Since Paul Martin’s Liberals played an important role  in violently ousting Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s government in 2004 Canada has financed, trained and overseen the Haitian National Police. As took place  the night Aristide was forced out of the country by US Marines, Canadian troops  were recently photographed patrolling the Port-au-Prince airport.
Taking their cue from Ottawa, the dominant media have downplayed the scope of the recent protests and repression in Haiti. There have been few (any?) stories about protesters putting their bodies on the line for freedom and the greater good. Instead the media has focused on the difficulties faced by a small number of Canadian tourists, missionaries and aid workers. While the long-impoverished country of 12 million people is going through a very important political moment, Canada’s racist/nationalist media is engrossed in the plight of Canucks stuck at an all-inclusive resort!
The incredible hypocrisy in Ottawa’s response to recent political developments in Haiti and Venezuela is shameful. Why has no major media dared contrast the two?

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Even though he's not the president anymore, obama wants you to believe that the killing machine known as amerikkkan democracy is the best system that's ever been created, and you should put your trust in it no matter what it does to the people of the entire planet. This is why and how he became president. And now he's on tour to continue fucking with you. Fuck obama, trump and all those motherfuckers.

From Revolution Club, Bay Area:

Barack Obama comes to Oakland to make you think this meatgrinder of a system works!

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Editors note: This leaflet was passed out at a "My Brother's Keeper" national event in Oakland on February 20, 2019
My Brother’s Keeper has arrived to peddle the played-out notion that competing for some pitiful charity money will bring "systemic change," that the problem is an “opportunity gap,” "youth violence" and the need for “safe communities.”
Welcome to Oakland, where Oscar Grant was shot in the back execution style by BART police. Welcome to the Bay Area, where the Vallejo police just pumped over 20 bullets into Willie McCoy, killing him for sleeping in his car. Welcome to America, where NO Black or Brown person is safe from being murdered by the police who do this over and over with impunity. Where racism is written into the law to protect the police, who serve and protect a capitalist system that vampire-sucks the wealth out of the planet, dominating, plundering, exploiting, and crushing the lives of billions. 
To the former President of the most predatory imperialist country to ever rule over the planet.
To the Commander-in-Chief who waged war on 7 countries, drone bombed wedding parties, presided over torture at Guantánamo, and backed Israel’s genocidal massacres in Gaza.
To chief demagogue & peddler of false "HOPE," whose MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) program is predicated on the notion that the problem is our youth, that it's their outlook and their "bad choices " that need to be reformed.
Who blamed and shamed Black people in a speech at Morehouse College saying, “We know too many young men in our community continue to make bad choices,” and now “There’s no time for excuses.”
Whose Justice Department supported every single act of police violence that came before the Supreme Court, but called the youth in Baltimore “thugs” after they dared to rise up in rebellion after the murder of Freddie Gray.
Who names his charity after a Bible quote in which God incites jealousy by favoring one brother (Abel) over another (Cain), and when Cain kills Abel, God banishes Cain and curses his descendants. Well, there is No God, but your fairytale is actually a good metaphor for this system that divides people, sets them up to fight each other, and then blames them for the “choices” they make.
To the Deporter-in-Chief who deported more immigrants, tearing apart more families than any president before him.
And then went on to normalize Donald Trump, the fascist white supremacist, saying “We are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country… We have to remember that we’re actually all on one team.”
To Barack Obama, we say NO MORE EXCUSES. This system has enslaved, brutalized, tortured and betrayed Black people for 400 years! Your system can’t be REFORMED, it must be OVERTHROWN!
Your presidency is proof that mentoring a few “leaders,” and getting some Black and Brown faces in high places is one of the most useful cons from the oppressor’s playbook. It helps to spread the illusion that in America “you can make it if you try,” and if you don’t make it it's your fault.
As the leader of the revolution Bob Avakian said:
Determination decides who makes it out of the ghetto—now there is a tired old cliché, at its worst, on every level. This is like looking at millions of people being put through a meatgrinder and instead of focusing on the fact that the great majority are chewed to pieces, concentrating instead on the few who slip through in one piece and then on top of it all, using this to say that “the meatgrinder works”!
BAsics 1:11
If you want to be one of the chosen few who “make it” through the meat grinder, and then get held up as an example of how “the meat grinder works,” go with Obama. If you want to get rid of this meat grinder system, get with the real revolution—one with the leadership, strategy and blueprint for a radically different and better society that is actually possible.
Revolution Club, Bay Area
Twitter & IG @revclub_ba

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As if we need reminding, but this is what their system has to offer people time and time again. If you in any way try to justify deny or support this, fuck you and everyone like you.

Vallejo, Calif.:
Pigs Take 3 Seconds to Act as Judge, Jury and Executioner… 20-Year-Old Willie McCoy Murdered … for Sleeping in His Car

 | Revolution Newspaper |

It was Saturday night, February 9, and Willie McCoy, a 20-year-old Black man, was seen asleep or passed out in his car in the drive-through lane of a Taco Bell in Vallejo, California. Then someone called the police.…
According to police, when six cops arrived on the scene, they found the driver “unresponsive,” and they allege that he “had a gun on his lap.”
“In a video that contains audio of the shooting—posted to YouTube [on February 13]—police can be heard yelling commands to McCoy and firing at him less than three seconds later. Many shots can be heard,” the San Jose Mercury reported.
3 seconds!!
“It seems like an execution,” David Harrison, Willie McCoy’s cousin and manager said. “It looks like my baby cousin was executed by a firing squad.”
Once again, loved ones describe a beautiful human being whose life was snatched away. Willie was a rapper and in a group called the FBG. Harrison said he loved making music and spending time with his nieces and nephews. “If you needed a few dollars, he was there. If you needed a ride, he was there.”  
“My boyfriend was shot by the police,” Willie’s girlfriend said. “I just want him to get justice—this hurts me so much. My baby was an angel and they took him from me.”
How Many More Times Will the Lives of Loved Ones Be Stolen by Police?
The Vallejo police declared their officers fired their guns “fearing for their safety.”
“Fearing for their safety”?
Twelve-year old Tamir Rice was murdered 2 seconds after the pigs rolled up on him (based on a 911 call saying someone at the playground had gun that was “probably fake”) … the police said they feared for their lives!
Seventeen-year-old Laquan MacDonald was holding a knife at his side and moving away from the cops when he was murdered by 16 shots, seconds after the killer cop rolled up on him…the police said they feared for their lives!
And now, Willie McCoy joins them … and countless others.
“Feared for their safety” is just a justification for the pigs to execute any Black, Brown, or Native person—for any reason or no reason at all—that is upheld by the so-called justice system, which is really the injustice system! It’s a death sentence hanging over every Black, Brown, or Native person whether it’s carried out or not.
How Many More Times Will Police Get Away with Murders Because They “Feared For Their Safety”?
The execution of Willie McCoy is part of a raging epidemic of police murder taking place across this country. This remains a continuing and horrific epidemic of needless deaths of mainly Black and Brown youth at the hands of the police, even if it is not in the news, or there is far too little mass protest and resistance demanding it STOP!!
White supremacy and the vicious oppression of Black and other oppressed peoples—from the nightmare of slavery… to the horrors of lynching and Jim Crow… to the epidemic of racism, mass incarceration, and police brutality, terror and murder today—are woven into the very fabric of this capitalist-imperialist system. This system cannot be reformed. It can and must be overthrown—through an actual revolution. The time to be working toward that revolution is NOW!  

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Racism, oppression, exploitation and war are not only inevitable under this system, they are an integral part of the way the system operates, and injustice can not be gotten rid of as long as capitalism/imperialism remains . This is the truth.

How Comfortable Is Your Comfort Zone? How Safe Is Your Safe Space? And for Whom?

Last Week, in the Amerikan Empire: Is THIS the Future You Will Settle For?

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Last week, in the Amerikan empire, the following happened:
  • The U.S convened a conference in Warsaw of 45 countries, the purpose of which, according to what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blurted out in a later-edited tweet, was to discuss “the common interest of war with Iran.” Mike Pence, “looking presidential” according to the press, demanded that European nations follow the United States and “stand with us” in violating the treaty they all signed with Iran just two years ago. Along with Israel, another key player at this conference was Saudi Arabia, currently conducting an extremely genocidal war against Yemen, with U.S. military and diplomatic backing, as this article makes clear.
  • The U.S. continued to use starvation as a weapon against the people of Venezuela in its support of a coup attempt against the government there, as we outlined last week. And it continued to keep “all options on the table”—that is, it continued to threaten armed invasion.
  • While the U.S. pursued combative trade negotiations with China, David Brooks, a prominent columnist for the New York Times, pointed to what he called “the grave, economic, technological and intellectual threat to the United States and the world order” posed by its main imperialist rival, China. He welcomed the unity that Republicans and Democrats have found in attacking China, and talked about the “existential threat” that China poses “to the liberal international order.” But Brooks forgot to mention the more than 10 million murdered by the American war machine just since 1945, and the countless millions more driven from their homes to construct this “order,” as this chart makes clear. And as this chart also makes clear, this imperialist slaughter was thoroughly “bipartisan”—when it comes to aggression against the world to preserve imperialist interests, both parties find it very possible to “reach across the aisle” and act in a “bipartisan” way.
  • Within the empire itself, the fascist-in-chief declared a state of emergency to gain the funds to build his wall. If upheld by the increasingly fascist-dominated courts, this would be a further leap in the concentration of power in an executive branch dominated by the fascists and a violation of the rule of law. This move came after the Democrats basically both voted for a wall and for significantly heightened repression at the border, but did not allot as much money as Trump demanded.
  • And in Vallejo, California, yet another young Black man was murdered by police, as he sat in his car, windows rolled up, as this details.
Meanwhile, Democrats did basically nothing to oppose the fascist barrage of hate-mongering against immigrants, led by Trump, that dominated TV and the internet. The manufactured hysteria about the border further hardened the fascist base and served the regime’s overall goal of normalizing “ethnic cleansing” and open white racism and American chauvinism. And they did nothing while Pence war-mongered in Poland. Well, actually that’s unfair. The Democrats did do something—they rushed to make sure that everybody knew that most of them supported the coup in Venezuela too!
Again, just this week: from Iran and Yemen to the border and “detention facilities,” from Venezuela to Vallejo, the blood to ensure empire flows. And you’re hoping one of these Democrats, neck deep in all the crimes above and more, is gonna DO anything in the face of this? When it’s clear that they, like the Republicans, are an imperialist party?
The fact is this:
At this extremely fraught juncture for humanity, when its very future existence has been called into question, there are only three possible futures: the openly fascist future being steamrollered into place by Trump and Pence; the fundamentally similar future of imperialist war, white supremacy, patriarchy, environmental destruction, and persecution of immigrants on offer from the Democrats, who differ with the fascists on how that should be carried out; and the revolutionary future, the new communist future, the possibility of which is pointed to by the leadership and work of Bob Avakian (BA)—the science, the strategy and the leadership for an ACTUAL revolution.
It would be unconscionable at any time, but it is especially so now, to not just refuse to engage this work but to fail to support the movement around it. This third future, and the movement for revolution embodying it, needs to contend! Right now, there is a concrete and very urgent opportunity to support and take part in that with the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.
Be part of fighting for the future humanity needs.

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Read this book review which shows perfectly why it's not about "putting more women in government" that will change anything, but it's the entire system of exploitation that needs to go. Did obama change the situation for Black people in the u.s. ? Is allowing more gay people into the military going to change the way that shit is run, or just allow a more diverse group of plunderers to kill civilians in other countries ? You have to make a decision as to whether it's more important to get your share of the theft, or if the fucking imperialist slave perpetuating system has to fucking go.

Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Angerby Rebecca Traister

Or: How to Domesticate Your Rage and Get In on a System That Exploits and Torments Women All Over the World

By Toni Redtree

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Rebecca Traister is a commentator on politics from a feminist perspective.  In her book Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger, she exposes how anger works for men in ways that it does not work for women within the system—and how women’s anger has been the fuel often igniting movements for social change in the history of the U.S. Traister goes after the rampant misogyny that marked the 2016 election, and the more general and pervasive oppression that female political candidates and women in the professions and business must face. To be clear: there is valid exposure of this in her book including in the treatment of Hillary Clinton. But the election of the first female president would not have changed this, nor will Traister’s prescriptions do anything but keep the same machine that generates that oppression going.
Traister in Good and Mad posits the problem as government not being truly representative, prescriptively implying that if that representation can be wrested from these white patriarchal men the majority of women could be free from subjugation. She states in her chapter Let’s Get Elected: “In the wake of Trump’s defeat of Clinton, a gang of women were eyeing the aging cast of men who’d been hogging America’s political power ... forever, and imagining they might replace them. Replacement. It was a particularly charged concept...” [Emphasis ours]
Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that fear of being “replaced”—backlash against the relatively minor concessions made to women and people of color—has fueled the rise of the Trump/Pence regime and the fascist movement more generally. But—much more fundamentally—NO! Replacement—that is, changing the faces in a system that remains fundamentally the same—does not make it represent those groups this system continues to oppress. "Replacement" just means you want to get to the top of it and grab “your” share of the spoils too.

Traister’s Fantasies vs. Historical Evidence

While a constant refrain, it is one that is thoroughly refuted by a mountain of historical evidence that women (and oppressed people) can come to the head of oppressive governments while the majority of the people they supposedly represent remain locked in subjugated existences and change anything significant for those people over any length of time. Did Obama’s election and presidency fundamentally change the situation of the vast section of people in the U.S. who are Black? Nearly every single country in South Asia has had women in power, sometimes for decades, with no real change in the horrifying oppression of women. There is more than enough evidence that women are equally capable of being pigs—presiding over a monstrous system—from Hillary Clinton to Theresa May to Angela Merkel.
There is NO historical evidence that women being equally “represented” in government have been able to fundamentally change or “reform away” the basic functioning of the capitalist-imperialist system, the very functioning of which engenders and reinforces—every second of the day—the systemic oppression and worldwide subordination of women. To the degree legal rights have been extended to women and other oppressed groups, they have largely required tremendous struggle and sacrifice from “below,” from the people—they have not been merely granted from on high!
Along with slavery, patriarchal rule was encoded into the nation’s founding—something Traister recognizes—but the fact is that the oppression of women continues to be integral to this system’s ability to function and exist. Even while a vast majority of the world’s female population has been drawn into the labor force, forces of reaction that aim to reassert and reinforce patriarchy have gained ascendance. Mike Pence, a Christian fascist, now sits within a heartbeat of the presidency; someone who believes in the literal biblical relegation of women to a man’s authority, and won’t sit alone in a room with a woman. 

Revolution Does NOT Mean Old Wine in New Bottles

Anyone who gets into the halls of Congress must play by the rules required by the system’s functioning and learn to “compromise,” as we hear incessantly from the Democrats… and as their actions prove. The subordination of women in this system cannot be “reformed,” “elected” or “represented” away—it’s in the nature of the beast.
None of this—especially changing faces atop this monstrous system—is remotely “revolutionary,” despite what Traister may claim. An actual revolution means a DIFFERENT system, not just different people administering oppression. An actual revolution requires the OVERTHROW of the system. It speaks to the ignorance of this society that one can get away with using the word revolutionary in the service of women motivated by something as hideous as getting atop—or their fair share in—a system as predatory, monstrous and outmoded as U.S. capitalism-imperialism!

Hillary Clinton—Exhibit A for Traister… and an Exposure of the American Chauvinism Saturating Her Approach

If there is a single example of the logical outcome of the political solutions in this book, it lies in Rebecca Traister’s shameless apology and support for Hillary Clinton.
Let’s state what should be an obvious and indisputable truth: Hillary Clinton is NOT a standard bearer for the liberation of women—she is a woman who is a war criminal. Just to take two examples:
  • She is a woman who proved her hawk credentials as head of the Obama State Department—leading the charge to depose the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, as part of U.S. efforts to dominate the region. Traister, who laments Clinton’s inability to show emotion, has conveniently forgotten her Hannibal-Lecter-worthy performance gleefully announcing the slaying of Muammar Gaddafi. As Libya plunged into chaos, Clinton’s “competent” fingerprints are all over the crime scene of the thousands dead and the refugees fleeing the collapse of Libyan society, drowning as they try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.
  • Clinton’s fingerprints can also be found on the women and children stranded in squalid encampments at the U.S.-Mexico border. In 2009, the U.S. ambassador to Honduras told Secretary Clinton that the removal of the elected president, Manuel Zelaya, a left leaning liberal populist, would be an “an illegal and unconstitutional coup.” Despite this, and while issuing mild criticisms, Clinton lent legitimacy to elections that forbade Zelaya’s participation. The regime brought to power with the coup was openly fascistic and pro-U.S., plunging the Honduran people even more deeply into the grip of U.S. domination, state-sponsored political assassinations, and the intensified violence, poverty, and oppression that people are now fleeing by the thousands.
Hillary Clinton’s active support for the main policies of her husband, Bill Clinton, while he was President (and she was a major, if unofficial, member of his team)—policies of mass incarceration, of NAFTA and its devastation of Mexico, of the profoundly anti-woman and racist ending of welfare—were themselves criminal. Her role in the promotion of the slogan that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” (thereby ceding the moral high ground to the Christian fascists) was particularly damaging.
Anyone who can put “Hillary Clinton” and “using your anger as a catalyst for change” in the same sentence—much less the same book—is automatically disqualified from using the word “revolutionary” in their book title.
Ultimately, the problem is Good and Mad not only reinforces “let’s get elected” as the horizons of what is needed, but it’s fundamentally not really all that madcommensurate with the depth, the scale, the intensity of women’s oppression all around the world. The fury of women can indeed be a catalyst for fundamental and radical social change—one that gets to the roots of the problem through an actual revolution. But Traister’s outlook and program can only channel that fury into futility or, worse yet, becoming a cog in the machine

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As the next article shows, there is very little difference with regards foreign policy between "our" own smarmy little fuck, and fuckface trump. Fuck 'em both.

‘Progressive’ Trudeau Government Attacks Venezuela

With neoliberalism's sights set on Venezuela, John Clarke examines the imperialism of a superficially progressive Canada

  0  1 
Anyone who still entertains any illusions in the ‘progressive’ nature of the Trudeau Government of Canada, would have been shocked to witness the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, assembling a collection of regional representatives of the Washington Consensus in Ottawa, on February 4, to further the coup plot against Venezuela.  The so called Lima Group that she brought together dutifully issued a statement calling for the “national armed forces of Venezuela to demonstrate their loyalty to the interim president in his constitutional functions as their commander in chief.” 
Despite the progressive pretensions of the Liberal Government in Ottawa and the ill deserved reputation that Canada has for ‘peacekeeping’ and for being a moderating influence in international affairs, the present course under Trudeau and Freeland is quite consistent with the Country’s role as the other G7 power in North America, a global exploiter in its own right.
Canadian Imperialism
In truth, when Freeland adopts the tone of US Manifest Destiny and speaks of Latin America and the Caribbean as Canada’s ‘neighbourhood,’ she is only being a little more public than others might be about a perspective that dominates the thinking and behaviour of Canadian government and Big Business.  The rapacity of Canadian mining operations in Latin America is without rival. The promotion of business interests has led to major Canadian involvement in the suppression of democratic rights and the imposition and preservation of compliant right wing regimes. Canada was heavily involved in the 2004 coup that overthrew the democratically elected Aristide Government in Haiti and the horrors that followed this. A similar pattern exists with regard to the suppression of democracy in Honduras. Canadian Government leaders express fake outrage over the supposed denial of democratic rights in Venezuela even as they maintain a stoney silence on continuing repression in Honduras.
When it comes to Venezuela, the official line of the Canadian Government is that efforts to destabilise the Government of that Country only began with Maduro’s call for a Constituent Assembly in July 2017. This, however, is a complete falsehood as an article by Yves Engler amply demonstrates. Links to right wing opposition forces go back to at least 2005 and “Canada is the third most important provider of democracy assistance,” as support for those working to return Venezuela to a place within the Washington Consensus is ironically described.  However, during the past eighteen months, the orchestrated economic problems in Venezuela, the belligerence of the Trump Administration and the right wing tide in much of the region have created a much greater resolve in Canadian ruling circles to intensify the attack on the Maduro Government and to try to open the Country to unbridled plunder and exploitation.
Canada Takes Leading Attack Role
When Washington’s carefully groomed and well trained puppet, Juan Guaido, staked his claim to the role of ‘interim president,’ the Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa were as ready as the Trump Administration in Washington to play their part. Canadian diplomats worked to unify the opposition forces, to line up as much international backing for their appointed stooge and leading Canadian politicians did all they could to present Guaido’s blatant violation of the Venezuelan Constitution as a legitimate quest for  the ‘restoration of democracy.’
The most important role of Canada, however, lies in the fact that it’s track record of exploitation and domination in Latin America, while considerable in its own right, is not as massive or infamous as the conduct of US imperialism in its self declared ‘backyard.’ The Canadian Government was, therefore, less compromised and better placed to co-ordinate the key role of compliant, right wing regional regimes.  The Lima Group was formed in 2017, with Canada playing a leading role and the US staying out of the affair. It brought together the governments of those Latin American and Caribbean countries that were ready to openly attack Venezuela to an extent that the Organisation of American States (OAS) could not be won over to.  Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland has played a tireless role in trying to recruit new  members to her nasty little club.
When Freeland assembled the representatives of the governments of Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia in Ottawa on February 4, she worked to craft an artful final statement that would avoid any call for direct military intervention from outside Venezuela while working to strengthen internal opposition and maximise the possibility of the military changing sides. As stated at the outset, a direct call to the military was featured in the statement. News reports show how this is now being followed with a strategy designed to draw sections of the Army into conflict with the Maduro Government.  Two days after the Lima Group meeting, a provocative ‘humanitarian aid convoy’ approached the Columbian Venezuelan border where it was blocked by troops. “The main goal now is to look to break the military – and the humanitarian aid is basically the Trojan horse to try to do that,” observed one commentator, aware of the effort to generate tensions between Maduro and the military leadership.
Regime Change Plan Proceeds
As the unholy alliance of imperialist powers and compliant regimes deepens the attack on Venezuela, the Trudeau Government can be expected to play a leading and despicable role in the affair. Within Canada, there is opposition. Some elected members of the social democratic New Democratic Party (NDP) have expressed a level of criticism of the Liberal Government’s conduct. The top leadership of the Party, however, has played a sad role. As I write this, the NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Helene Laverdiere, has openly supported Washington’s puppet president and claimed she speaks for the parliamentary party. NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, continues to take the less than impressive public position that he doesn’t know who the rightful President of Venezuela is. Trade union support for the people of Venezuela and their struggle in the face of threat is significant in Canada and the media is furiously attacking trade unions that show such support. There have been protests in solidarity with Venezuela and the meeting of the Lima Group itself in Ottawa was directly confronted by protesters.
Chrystia Freeland and the Trudeau Liberal Government are part of a systematic effort to ensure that the same agenda of austerity, privatisation and environmental despoilation that has made gains in other Latin American countries is imposed without pity on Venezuela. Yet, resistance to the role of super exploited powerlessness has a long history south of the Rio Grande. Masses of people in Venezeula know that the ‘democracy’ the Trump Administration wants for them is too horrible to submit to. They know that the battle cry for freedom and democracy in their part of the world is ‘Yankee Go Home!’ They are also learning to their cost that the Ugly Canadian needs to be driven off at the same time.
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John Clarke became an organiser with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty when it was formed in 1990 and has been involved in mobilising poor communities under attack ever since

Friday, 15 February 2019


Now that trump's government has moved to make criticism of the state of israel all but illegal, it seems that the type of genocide israel is committing against the Palestinian people is being encouraged. More imperialist double standards and bullshit.

U.S. Senate Moves to Pass Law Effectively Censoring Criticism of Israel

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The “Combatting BDS Act” is part of the very first bill moving through the United States Senate in 2019. It should be called the “Targeting Exposure of and Enabling Genocidal Crimes by Israel Act.” It aims to silence and criminalize—in the form of official blacklists—exposure of and opposition to genocidal crimes being committed right now by Israel against the Palestinian people, and the role of the U.S. behind those crimes.
How many Americans know, to take just one example of what this act is aimed at covering up, that on January 26 of this year, eight heavily armed Israeli settlers stormed into the small Palestinian village of Al-Mushayyir and opened fire on villagers with live ammunition, injuring dozens and murdering 38-year-old Hamdi Naasan, who was carrying a wounded villager to an ambulance. The Israeli army stood by during the killing, then later joined in the assault on the village by firing teargas at outraged and defiant villagers. The only people arrested were Palestinian protesters. This kind of KKK-style terror is increasingly a daily fact of life—and death—for the Palestinian people. (For an exposure of the nature of the Jewish settlers, see the short Al Jazeera documentary Thou Shalt Not Kill: Israel’s Hilltop Youth.)
And how many people know the real story behind the origin of the state of Israel? That it is a product of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, accomplished through terror, rape, and massacres known as the “Nakba” (catastrophe in Arabic) leading up to, through, and beyond the year 1948? On April 9, 1948, for example, Jewish forces occupied the quiet Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. A 12-year-old survivor described what happened: “They took us out one after the other; shot an old man and when one of his daughters cried, she was shot too. Then they called my brother Muhammad, and shot him in front us, and when my mother yelled, bending over him—carrying my little sister Hudra in her hands, still breastfeeding her—they shot her too.” Women were raped, then killed. Dozens in this small village were massacred. Jewish terrorist organizations publicly bragged about the massacre to spread terror among the Palestinians, as part of driving the vast majority of them out of Israel. (See The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappé, which draws extensively on firsthand accounts of crimes like this by the founders of Israel.)
As a result of the Nakba and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, today there are now almost 4.5 million Palestinians living under Israeli military domination in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza (the “occupied territories”), and about 1.5 million Palestinians in Israel itself, where they are officially second-class citizens. The state of Israel now occupies about 78 percent of historic Palestine, and the Israeli settlements in the West Bank continue to grow.
The U.S. has provided essential financial, military, and diplomatic backing for Israel. That is not because of the influence of this or that lobby, but because of the strategic nature of a “special relationship” where Israel—with its massive high-tech military machinery and nuclear arsenal—serves as a contracted hit man for the interests of the U.S. empire in a strategic part of the world.

Targeting Telling the Truth About Israel

In the face of ongoing and escalating horrors, people around the world, including in the U.S., have increasingly come to oppose what the state of Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinian people, especially, but not only, in the “occupied territories.” Among the movements exposing and opposing these crimes, BDS advocates boycotting Israeli institutions, divesting (withdrawing investment in Israel), and sanctions—severing diplomatic and other institutional ties with Israel.
The bill moving through the U.S. Senate puts a formal, federal stamp of approval on a wave of anti-BDS laws that are already in effect in over 25 states, and in the pipeline in many more. Some of these laws have been stayed by courts, and the federal law is aimed at overriding those impediments. Others are in effect with chilling impact. Last year, Bahia Amawi was fired from her job as a contracted speech therapist with a Texas public school district because she would not sign a pledge that she “does not currently boycott Israel” and “will not boycott Israel during the term of [her] contract.” After New York governor Andrew Cuomo issued an anti-BDS executive order, an attorney for a Palestinian rights organization said “[T]he chilling effect is very real. We have received calls from groups who are concerned they would lose state funding if they hosted a speaker in favor of B.D.S.”
The torrent of anti-BDS laws converges with intensifying censorship of any exposure of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. The organization Students for Justice in Palestine and their activities have been slandered as anti-Semitic, and their activities banned on campuses. (See “Opposing Israel Is NOT Anti-Jewish: Major Fascist Move to Repress Campus Criticism of Israel.”) Last November, author, professor, and activist Marc Lamont Hill was fired by CNN right after he spoke at the UN calling out Israel for “normalizing settler colonialism and its accompanying logics of denial, destruction, displacement, and death.” (See “Professor, Author & Activist, Marc Lamont Hill, Fired by CNN,” by Carl Dix.) And on campuses across the country, academics and student activists who criticize Israel have been threatened, censored, and fired. (See “Major Fascist Move to Repress Campus Criticism of Israel.”) All this, and now the Senate bill adds up to an ominous, coordinated offensive, aimed at suppressing views critical of Israel and ostracizing and blacklisting anyone who dares express even the mildest opposition to Israeli policies.
This vicious attack must be exposed and defeated. Revolutionaries should enter into these battles: targeting and firmly opposing this naked censorship and supporting those who come under attack; exposing the breadth of the crimes of America and its attack dog Israel, and their roots in this system; and fighting for the only solution to that—revolution.
In doing this, we should be guided by HOW WE CAN WIN—How We CanReally Make Revolution, especially the following: “While many people will do positive things in opposing the crimes of this system, we need to approach everything—evaluate every political program and every organized force in society, every kind of culture, values and ways of treating people—according to how it relates to the revolution we need, to end all oppression. We should unite with people whenever we can, and struggle with them whenever we need to, to advance the revolution.”