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Day after day, year after fucking year, we hear about this kind of shit, and yet there are still too many people who will take the pig's side. Read this fucking story. Read it.

Chicago Cop Who Murdered 15-Year-Old Dakota Bright Cleared of Wrongdoing —
System that Cleared Him, Beyond Redemption

 | Revolution Newspaper |

In this case, the facts speak for themselves, except for one thing that has to be spelled out...
Mid-afternoon on November 8, 2012: Dakota Bright was on his way to his grandmother’s house when he was chased and shot dead by Chicago police officer Brandon Ternand. Almost six years later, on October 11, the Chicago Police Board (CPB) voted to clear Ternand of any wrongdoing in the murder of the unarmed teenager.
Ternand will be returned to active duty terrorizing Black youth, and paid around $80,000 for the nearly one year he was suspended from the force.

Here are the facts about Dakota Bright:

  • Dakota was 15 years old when murdered, a high school freshman.
  • Dakota was shot square in the back of his head.
  • Dakota was shot from 50 feet away, when he was clearly no threat to the cops.
  • Dakota was unarmed, and there is no evidence linking him to any crime.
  • Dakota had been brutalized by the cops before—kicked in the mouth with a tooth knocked out—for having “a smart mouth” according to the officer. In case you were wondering “why did he run if he did nothing wrong?”!

Here are the facts about Brandon Ternand:

  • Ternand had 23 civilian complaints against him between 2010 and 2014 for things like excessive force and illegal searches and is one of the top twelve cops on the notoriously brutal and corrupt Chicago Police Department for number of complaints. 
  • Ternand claimed that he saw Dakota holding a gun at the start of the chase—but neither he nor any of the other officers on the scene mentioned a gun when they called in the report. A gun was allegedly “found”—three backyards away from where Dakota was killed.
  • Ternand claimed that he shot Dakota because he turned his head to the right and reached towards his left pocket as if going for a gun. But again, Dakota was shot in the back of the head, which would not happen if he was turning. And, again, Dakota was unarmed, so why would he be reaching for a gun or doing anything that would slow down his escape from the cops?

Here are the facts about how Ternand’s case worked its way through the system:

  • In 2017, the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) found that Ternand had used excessive force and recommended that he be fired. IPRA (since disbanded) was mostly a rubber stamp for the CPD—in an eight-year period, IPRA had investigated hundreds of shootings and found only two to be “unjustified.” That gives an idea of how outrageous and blatant a police murder had to be for IPRA to rule against it.
  • After IPRA made this recommendation, CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson opposed it, saying that Ternand’s actions were justified. Johnson is Black. He was appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, supposedly to reform the police and repair their relationship with the Black community. This was in the midst of protests over the murder of Laquan McDonald, and the cover-up of that murder by means of cops on the scene blatantly lying and all the higher ups—up to and including the mayor—trying to suppress the video that proved they were lying.
  • This put the case before the Chicago Police Board, which is dominated by former law enforcement, judges, and representatives of big corporations and investment banks, to make the final decision.
  • The CPB dismissed the testimony of experts—including one who has only criticized police in 1.5 percent of the 200 cases he has reviewed, but who punched holes in Ternand’s claims about the shooting of Dakota Bright—as “unqualified.”
  • The CPB praised Ternand as “a highly decorated and respected tactical officer with years of experience,” and said that his obvious testi-lying was “credible and persuasive.” How did they know he was “credible,” even though his testimony conflicted with the facts? Because Ternand’s wifeother officers on the scene, and the deputy chief of police said so!
  • The CPB decision came less than a week after the conviction of former Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke for murdering Laquan McDonald. That conviction only happened because of massive protest of that murder and because there was a videotape that exposed the cops’ standard lies. And it was also only a few days after Trump called for bringing back stop-and-frisk in Chicago and Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved to squash any further efforts to “reform” the CPD. The message from the ruling class in the city and in the whole country to the pigs could not be clearer: “Don’t get the wrong idea from the surprise conviction of Van Dyke—we still want you out there murdering and terrorizing Black youth, and we have your backs!
So those are the facts of how a Black youth with his whole life ahead of him had it ruthlessly snatched away for nothing, and how all the mechanisms, institutions, and people supposedly set up to protect people from this kind of brutality actually worked to protect the murderer.

What remains to be said?

Only this—what is boldly stated by the Revolution Club banner carried into so many protests against the crimes this system commits:

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Our lovely friend Jake has been gracious enough to put us on the bill for Saturday's show at Logan's with Thrashlord and Hate The Rich. Please come, won't you ? See you there, assholes.

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Those of us who oppose capitalism and imperialism know that it's not just a matter of the super exploitation of people around the globe, but also why the environment is changing, and how the authorities react to natural disasters and the after effects of destruction. Read this.

Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas:
A Natural Occurrence—An Unnatural and UNNECESSARY Disaster

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Editors’ Note, October 15. This past week, Category 4 Hurricane Michael battered the coast of the Florida Panhandle before moving through Georgia, the Carolinas, and on to Virginia. Michael, which came less than a month after Hurricane Florence, was reportedly the most powerful storm ever to hit the Panhandle. It left death and massive destruction in its wake, including nearly obliterating the entire town of Mexico Beach where it made landfall.
Meanwhile, on October 8, two days before Michael hit Florida, a news report by the United Nations’ leading body on climate science, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), warned that the climate crisis is not a far-off problem—it’s happening right now, and it’s accelerating more quickly and having more devastating impacts much sooner than previously understood. The report called for radical, “unprecedented” transformations starting immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels to prevent a global catastrophe. A co-chair of the group of 91 scientists from 40 different countries who wrote the report calls the next few years “probably the most important in our history.”
In this five-part series on Hurricane Florence, we’ll examine how the capitalist-imperialist system of today fuels such hurricanes and worsens the death and destruction, and start to grapple with why and how it would be radically different in a genuinely socialist society.
On September 14, Hurricane Florence slammed into the North Carolina coast with rain and winds gusting to 90 miles an hour. Its storm surge flooded some coastal areas. It then moved inland, dumping as much as 30-40 inches of rain across North and South Carolina, as far as hundreds of miles inland.
Two weeks later, those rains drained down from mountains in the west. The gushing water caused rivers to crest at record levels and some towns to flood. One dam breached and flooded a coal-fired power plant, causing the release of poisonous coal ash into the Cape Fear River.
At least 48 people have been killed so far, 37 of them in North Carolina. A one-year-old was ripped from his parent’s arms by surging floodwaters. Two mental health patients were drowned when the sheriff’s van they were being transported in was flooded (the two deputies driving escaped unharmed). A million and a half people were forced to evacuate. Whole cities and towns were flooded. Countless homes were destroyed. Over a million lost power for hours or days. Toxic waste and chemicals were released into the environment. And now more storms are building in the Atlantic.
Hurricanes are natural occurrences.
But there is nothing “natural” about how hurricanes like Florence are becoming increasingly frequent, powerful, and devastating.
There is nothing “natural” about who is—or isn’t—able to escape and recover from the storm’s impact.
There’s nothing “natural” about why so many are living in harm’s way.
And there’s nothing “natural” about why power plants, chemical factories, and industrial pig farms—with all their toxic wastes—are placed in flood plains.
So, again, Florence was a natural occurrence—but some of the worst effects of the storm have been created, shaped, or greatly magnified by the workings of capitalism-imperialism. Under this system, decisions like where people live, how food is produced, and how power is generated are all ultimately determined by what’s most profitable and filtered through the oppressive social relations this system has inherited and maintains.
All this is heartbreaking, foul, and utterly UNNECESSARY! It could—and would—be handled in a radically different way in a revolutionary society aiming for a communist world free of all exploitation and oppression, as concretely laid out in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (CNSRNA), authored by Bob Avakian.
As the Introductory Explanation to that Constitution makes clear: “In order to bring this new socialist state into being, it would be necessary to thoroughly defeat, dismantle and abolish the capitalist-imperialist state of the USA; and this in turn would only become possible with the development of a profound and acute crisis in society and the emergence of a revolutionary people, in the millions and millions, who have the leadership of a revolutionary communist vanguard and are conscious of the need for revolutionary change and determined to fight for it.”
Implementing these radical and liberating transformations will—and must—be a tumultuous process, full of ferment and struggle. It will involve, as the CNSRNA spells out, leading on the basis of the “solid core,” towards the goal of the complete emancipation of all of humanity, as part of a worldwide process. On that foundation, the new state will encourage discussion and debate, dissent and struggle, as well as create space for a wide range of activities and initiatives, over how to solve the problems facing the new society and move toward uprooting all forms of oppression, all over the world.

Part I: A “Monster Storm” Fueled by a Monstrous System

For days there was near nonstop coverage of Hurricane Florence on the major TV networks. But one rarely—if ever—heard the words “global warming” or “climate change.” And you never see this kind of extensive, visceral coverage of the storms and disasters battering other parts of the world.
Hurricanes are not created by climate change. But global warming fueled by the profit-driven burning of fossil fuels and other workings of the system, is heating up the atmosphere and oceans. Based on extensive scientific study, MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel argues that climate change causes hurricanes and other storms “to become much stronger and reach peak intensity further north, heightening their potential impacts on human lives in coming years.” “Climate change, if unimpeded, will greatly increase the probability of extreme events,” he said.
Scientists are cautious not to directly causally link warming temperatures or rising ocean levels to any particular storm or its magnitude, but a basic underlying theory holds: The warmer the ocean, the more moisture can be drawn into storms. This can make them more massive and powerful. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can potentially hold. This can make the deluge or rain even greater when storms hit land. Rising sea levels—thanks to warmer waters and melting ice—tend to lead to higher surges of water coming on land (“storm surges”). These are usually the deadliest and most destructive part of a hurricane.
Climate change has also weakened global air currents. This means some hurricanes may linger longer over land, potentially dumping much more water. In this context, it is estimated that Hurricane Florence was 50 miles wider and dumped 50 percent more rain due to the overall effects of global warming.1
The existence of global warming has been scientifically demonstrated over and over. This is a lopsided world divided between imperialist countries like the U.S. and Europe, and the vast sections of oppressed nations of the world, the “Third World.” In this kind of a world, the effects of global warming such as increased droughts and famines, rising sea levels and extreme weather events will disproportionately impact the poor and the oppressed—and are now contributing to tens of millions of refugees fleeing parts of the Third World. The rulers of this country have been well aware of its catastrophic dangers for at least three decades.2 Yet they’ve been unwilling and more fundamentally unable to do anything to really slow—much less roll back—this unprecedented, existential threat to humanity!
This has been true under Democrats like Obama. He put some curbs on greenhouse gas emissions and negotiated the Paris agreement on climate change, but these steps come nowhere near halting the acceleration of global warming. Meanwhile, he significantly stepped up U.S. production of the very fossil fuels driving global warming!
The Trump/Pence regime also announced it would withdraw the U.S., the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, from the Paris agreement—insufficient as it was—thus giving a green light to other countries to do so as well. They are officially censoring climate science from government agencies, denying the science of global warming, blatantly ignoring and even pooh-poohing the incontrovertible findings of scientists and the overwhelming evidence for global warming, and deliberately tearing up environmental regulations and literally pouring gasoline on our burning planet.
Despite the science of global warming being undeniable and its effects devastating, why are the capitalist-imperialists unable and unwilling to solve what is arguably the greatest crisis that’s ever faced humanity? Because their system is based on privately owned blocs of capital compelled to compete with each other for profit and advantage, and nations competing for domination on a world scale. This unfolds, not in an organized or orderly fashion, but “anarchically” with unpredictable effects, based on the compulsion all these capitalists have to “expand or die.” This means each of them has to beat their competitors or be driven under. And this drives the competition for cheap sources of labor and energy, control of resource-rich parts of the world like the Middle East and parts of Africa, and for markets for their commodities and exports.
A concentrated manifestation of this is that the U.S. military, a key instrument of enforcing imperialist “world order” and America’s interests, is—as an institution—the single largest consumer of oil in the world. As long as this dog-eat-dog insanity is in command, this system is totally unable to undertake the massive investments and radical restructuring of the economy including transportation and industry that could really address global warming and climate change.
That would radically and immediately change after the revolutionary seizure of power and the establishing of the new socialist state in North America.
Even though global warming is a “global” problem, establishing a radically different socialist economy based on the principles of sustainable socialist development would start to make a big and immediate difference. This, after all, is the country with the largest capitalist economy and dominance over large parts of the world, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and it is expending a disproportionate share of the world’s resources and energy (nearly five times its share of the world population).
The world’s largest machine of death and destruction—the U.S. military—will no longer exist, with its hundreds of bases around the world, wars of aggression, and massive infrastructure with its environmentally destructive effects. The armed forces of the socialist state will be radically different in line with defending the state, a profoundly internationalist orientation and the goals of emancipating all of humanity.
In terms of the economy, state ownership of the major means of production—factories, transport networks, land, resources, etc.—would become the primary form of economic ownership. Centralized planning would set the overall guidelines for the economy—and unleash decentralized initiatives on this basis. These guidelines and economic decisions based on advancing the world revolution overall, meeting social needs, and “Protecting, preserving, and enhancing the ecosystems and biodiversity of the planet for current and future generations.” This would require, as the CNSRNA puts it, the new society to
frontally and comprehensively confront and address the critical environmental emergency threatening humanity and the other species and ecosystems (the complex webs of interacting and interrelating life) in its development of a socialist economy, in all spheres of government and social activity, and in its international relations, will apply itself—and the initiative, knowledge, energy and creativity of the masses of people who make up and are the backbone of this Republic—to addressing this environmental emergency, in its various dimensions...3
Doing all this would involve really thorny challenges and contradictions—for instance, just to start with:
  • how to work with other countries and lead forward the worldwide struggle against global warming when most other parts of the world may still be capitalist,
  • how to meet the needs of the people without destroying the environment and exploiting whole sections of humanity,
  • struggling with people for different and “lower” consumption levels as the economy is re-oriented, and
  • how to deal with the potential devastation caused by the violence and destruction inflicted by the former capitalist ruling class during the revolution.
It may well be likely that some of the effects of the destruction on the environment are irreversible or difficult to transform in the short term.
But what will be different is that the workings of this system—the imperatives of capitalist competition and profit accumulation—and the enforcers of that will not stand in the way of solving these problems. The new state will actually provide backing to science and the scientists, those with expertise and those wanting to learn, and those trying to solve these problems. The new state will likely facilitate an unprecedented planetwide cooperation of scientists and other experts, including sharing scientific and technological advances with the rest of the world.
All this would require and involve mobilizing and involving broad, diverse segments of people. This would be shaped by the overall orientation of fostering the questioning, collectivity, and increasingly active involvement of the masses of people in the exercise of political power. No doubt there will be struggle and ferment among the people themselves doing this as to how—and this may even run ahead of or sometimes counter to what the leadership of the revolutionary state might think best at any given point. And this would contribute to breaking down, step by step, the division between those trained to work with ideas and those who’ve been kept out of this sphere.
The capitalist-imperialist system is completely unnecessary—it is way past time for it to be swept off the face of this planet, and be replaced by a radically new, much better, system.

Next—Part II: A Disaster Hitting the Poor, the Oppressed, and Immigrants Hardest

Many middle class people—of all nationalities—have been impacted, even devastated by Hurricane Florence. The landscape shapes where floodwaters rush the fastest and deepest. At the same time, the economic and social landscape has a tremendous impact on where those floodwaters and storms wreak their greatest havoc: they hit the poor, Black and oppressed peoples, and immigrants the hardest...

1.Kerry Emanuel: This year’s hurricanes are a taste of the futureWatch Video, MIT News Office, September 21, 2017; Oliver Milman, “Climate change means Hurricane Florence will dump 50% more rain,” Guardian, September 13, 2018; see also Michael Mann, “Hurricane Florence is a climate change triple threat,” Guardian, September 14, 2018[back]
2.The New York Times Magazine recently devoted a full issue, titled “30 years ago we could have saved the planet,” to this history.[back] special issue on environment; “Some Key Principles of Socialist Sustainable Development,” April 18, 2010 [back]
The Polo Farms neighborhood off S.C. Highway 905, South Carolina is largely underwater after Hurricane Florence’s deluge, September 24. (Photo: AP)
The dam and roadway in Boiling Spring Lakes, N.C. was washed away by Hurricane Florence, September 19. (Photo: AP)
With muddy river water still washing over entire communities eight days after Hurricane Florence slammed into land with nearly three feet of rain, a family tries to keep a mattress dry. (Photo: AP)
CONSTITUTION For The New Socialist Republic In North America
Authored by Bob Avakian, and adopted by the Central Committee of the RCP

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As soon as I read this shit I donated. Fuck gofundme and their fucked up "customer happiness team ". Fucking censoring motherfuckers. I wonder how many right wing reactionary useless pieces of shit they let use their stupid service.

The Message They Fear Must Be Heard

GoFundMe Censors Bob Avakian Speech on Real Revolution

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Last Friday, without warning, cancelled the fundraising campaign for the forthcoming speech by Bob Avakian, being released online on October 19: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution
All has said about this was that the campaign violated their “terms of service,” providing NO other details or information or what part of their extensive “terms of service” they’re talking about.  Their response said that if we followed up more than once, it would just delay our request.  Meanwhile nearly a week has gone by and they’ve provided no other answers.  Like an eerie detail from one of those capitalist dystopian movies where everyone is turned into a consumer robot, this message came from their “Customer Happiness Team.”
But let’s get real.  This is a suppression of revolution and the revolutionary message in this speech.  Taking on—and reaching out further—in the face of this kind of suppression is essential to how the revolution is going to advance.

Defying this suppression, advancing the revolution

The significance of this speech can’t be understated and the title says it all: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution
This speech concentrates what people need to go to work for revolution right now... it’s an essential tool and guideline to carry out the “3 Prepares”: Prepare the Ground, Prepare the People, and Prepare the Vanguard—Get Ready for the Time When Millions Can Be Led to Go for Revolution, All-Out, With a Real Chance to Win. The more this speech is spread, being seen by thousands today, the more it can impact all of society, letting people know that, to quote How We Can Win—How We Can Really Make Revolution, “we have the leadership, the science, the strategy and program, and the basis for organizing people for an actual, emancipating revolution.”
What we’re seeing with this censorship from GoFundMe is an attempt to silence and suppress the most uncompromising and farseeing revolutionary voice in this country and on the planet, Bob Avakian—the leader of the revolution and architect of the new communism.  We need to go up against this and reach many more with this speech.  This is the only way revolution is going to advance: when they attack and try to silence us, we reach even deeper and broader.  We show the illegitimacy and fundamental weakness behind their censorship, and build up the organized forces and influence of the revolution.
Right now, this means doubling down on the fundraising for the promotion of this speech.  It means reaching out even further, in protest of this suppression and to get deeper into what is being suppressed, spreading the word of the release of this speech on October 19, organizing even more people to watch it and share it themselves.

What are they trying to silence?

In order for you, and people throughout society, to remain imprisoned in this horrific setup, to put up with this world of needless death and destruction, you are constantly told that this is the only way the world could be, and you are trained to look for answers within the suffocating confines of this system as it is or to blame yourself for not making it in this dog-eat-dog system.  Then the rulers and their mouthpieces tell you lies that you’re free because you get to choose which oppressor is going to run all this, that the answer is to just claw your way to the top of this dogpile or that you should just give a little to charity and go back to sleep while the machinery of this system grinds up humanity and the planet.
This speech exposes the lie that this is the best of all possible worlds and lays out why this system cannot be reformed, why it must be overthrown and how to go to work now to bring this system down, at the soonest possible time.  This is what those who run this system, those who push forward its program... in the media, on the internet don’t want you to hear. 
If GoFundMe is allowed to ban the fundraising for this speech, it sets a dangerous precedent, silencing the discussion of fundamental solutions.  You can talk about some of the symptoms of the problem, you can make people feel good by participating in redressing some of those symptoms... but you can’t talk about where those symptoms come from and what the real cure is.  This can’t be accepted, accommodated to, or allowed.

You are needed

Write to in protest.  Create public opinion around this by posting your sentiments about this on social media (tag @gofundme and @tuneintorevcom).
Many more thousands of dollars are needed to go up against and break through what these gatekeepers will allow.  We need to reach to people directly and that will require a targeted promotional campaign.  Every dollar counts to enable this message of revolution to spread.
We’ve almost met our $5,000 goal for social media fundraising but aim to double this.  Defy this censorship and suppression and give generously.  Reach out to others with this call.
Even more people need to watch this speech the day it’s released online, October 19, and in the days after.  Be 1 of 500 posting about this on your social media on that day.  Gather friends and watch it together... in a dorm room, community center, barbershop, or wherever.
Write to with your ideas on how this can spread even further.

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amerikkkan troops in Africa. Scumbags protecting the " free market ", never mind the half-assed rhetoric about "human rights " and other meaningless garbage. This is one story that doesn't  make it into the mainstream news very often, and when it does, it's kept fairly quiet.

Black activists say: ‘Shut Down AFRICOM!’

The following press release was issued on Oct. 1, 2018, by the Black Alliance for Peace, a group of Black anti-imperialist activists.
The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) has launched U.S. Out of Africa!: Shut Down AFRICOM, a campaign designed to end the U.S. invasion and occupation of Africa.
Today marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of AFRICOM, short for U.S. Africa Command. Although U.S. leaders say AFRICOM is “fighting terrorism” on the continent, we believe geopolitical competition with China is the real reason behind AFRICOM’s existence. AFRICOM is a dangerous structure that has only increased militarism.
When AFRICOM was established in the months before Barack Obama assumed office as the first Black president of the United States, a majority of African nations — led by the Pan-Africanist government of Libya — rejected AFRICOM, forcing the new command to instead work out of Europe.
But with the U.S. and NATO attack on Libya that led to the destruction of that country and the murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, corrupt African leaders began to allow AFRICOM forces to operate in their countries and establish military-to-military relations with the United States.
Today, those efforts have resulted in 46 various forms of U.S. bases as well as military-to-military relations between 53 out of the 54 African countries and the United States.
U.S. Special Forces troops now operate in more than a dozen African nations.
Vice Adm. Robert Moeller, first and former deputy of AFRICOM, declared in 2008, “Protecting the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market is one of AFRICOM’s guiding principles.” (, Nov. 16, 2011)
We say AFRICOM is the flip side of the domestic war being waged by the same repressive state structure against Black and poor people in the United States.
In the U.S. Out of Africa!: Shut Down AFRICOM campaign, we link police violence and the domestic war waged on Black people to U.S. interventionism and militarism abroad.
“Not only does there need to be a mass movement in the U.S. to shut down AFRICOM, this mass movement needs to become inseparably bound with the movement that has swept this country to end murderous police brutality against Black and Brown people,” says Netfa Freeman, of Pan-African Community Action (PACA) and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).
Freeman represents PACA, a BAP member organization, on BAP’s Coordinating Committee. “The whole world must begin to see AFRICOM and the militarization of police departments as counterparts.”
It costs $267 million to fund AFRICOM in 2018, according to Vanessa Beck, BAP research team lead and Coordinating Committee member.
“That money is stolen from Africans/Black people in the U.S. to terrorize and steal resources from our sisters and brothers on the African continent,” Beck said. “Instead, that money should be put toward meeting our human needs in the U.S. and toward reparations for people in every African nation affected by U.S. imperialism.”
BAP makes the following demands:
the complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from Africa,
the demilitarization of the African continent,
the closure of U.S. bases throughout the world, and
the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) must oppose AFRICOM and conduct hearings on AFRICOM’s impact on the African continent.
We ask the public to join us in demanding an end to the U.S. invasion and occupation of the continent of our ancestors by signing this petition that we will deliver to CBC leaders.
This campaign is BAP’s effort to help shut down all U.S. foreign military bases as well as NATO bases. BAP is a founding member of the Coalition Against U.S Foreign Military Bases.
Visit for resources.
Media Contact: ­­

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When you play their game by their rules and on their terms, they will always get the results they want while we continue to fight against our own interests and let them literally get away with murder. Read.


It’s Time to Stop Waiting for a Hero

by Sarah Roark, editorial group,

 | Revolution Newspaper |

This piece by Sarah Roark, a former volunteer for the Hillary campaign and current volunteer with, gives voice to one of many perspectives on why relying on the Democrats to stop Kavanaugh or the midterms to stop Trump is so dangerous. The article was written before the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but the core themes remain very timely, and with so much at stake, we urge you to read, share and deeply consider her arguments.
Our “institutions” haven’t stopped this regime from pouring thousands of refugee children into concentration camps. Democratic leadership couldn’t block Gorsuch and can’t block Kavanaugh. We must at long last accept the simple truth: only the people can save the people now.
This is not a dream. If it were a dream, we’d have woken up by now to find it all mercifully gone.
This is not a movie. If it were a movie, we could rest assured that everything will turn out fine in the final reel — no matter how screwed Our Hero looked to be in the second act.
And as much as some in our media might like to think otherwise, this is not a reality show. It’s reality.
This was brought home once again to an already-reeling American people over the course of the last two weeks. We’ve all become a little punch-drunk since the Trump/Pence regime came to power, but for many, the blow of the impending Kavanaugh confirmation crashed through even that haze. Particularly on September 27th, when it looked as though Brett Kavanaugh—a nominee chosen specifically for his hostility to civil rights and his signaled willingness to accommodate this fascist regime’s lust for ever more executive power—might sail through his Senate hearings without even a pretense of investigating the serious criminal allegations against him.
But let’s be honest in here: the only difference this week is that now there’s a pretense. And it’s unlikely to last long.
In fact, let’s be even more honest. A good part of our angst over the backs and forths of this nomination doesn’t actually come from the sickening uncertainty we’re enduring day to day. In a way, getting our stomachs knotted up over this is an escape (though it doesn’t feel like one) from the even more sickening awareness of a certainty:
That even if this confirmation is somehow defeated, the same sword will stay hanging over our heads. If it’s not Brett Kavanaugh, it’ll be someone else from the Heritage Foundation’s fascist-friendly list. And a 5-4 court where Roberts is the moderate can and will reverse the most hard-won human-rights victories of the last fifty years.
And the November election is unlikely to change that. Not just because the GOP is clearly hellbent on installing some lackey of the religious/Trumpist right-wing before that, but also because Democrats are battling a highly unfavorable map in the Senate. And that’s if the election is free and fair in the first place, a point on which there’s sadly substantial doubt.
The certainty whose well-founded dread currently has us by the throat is the simple, terrifying fact that none of this can get better while this regime remains in power. If anything, it’s entirely on track to get worse. Forget making it to 2020—how many more things and people will Trump have destroyed in the next month, using only his executive powers?
And yet here we stand, playing for time—in this case a week, in another case a few months—knowing that we can’t keep taking blocks out of a tower forever before it finally becomes one block too many for the whole thing to hold up any longer and…CRASH!

But playing for time only makes sense when you’re expecting a rescue.

Think about it. Who do you think is coming to save us? Which movie hero are you waiting for to give you permission to step outside your boundaries and follow their shining leadership to where you already know you need to be? Is it Beto O’Rourke? Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Warren? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Robert Mueller?
(I certainly hope it’s not Jeff Flake.)
They’re not coming, folks. They are unwilling to give us that permission, and they will remain so. It’s not that they don’t want what they think is best for us, or don’t work very hard at it; I personally believe they do. But we must understand that they are fully committed to fighting this battle either from within the system or not at all. Because of course they are. Because that’s what we sent them to do.
In other words, the very nature of their work—their government work—constrains them to working inside the very same traditional democratic structures that this regime is steadily dismantling right out from under all our feet as we speak. Including theirs!
This is a well-known mechanism of historical fascism. It doesn’t emerge from other authoritarianisms. Fascism is always an ailment of failing democracies, because the way it comes to power is by using a country’s own democratic processes against it, until it’s thoroughly rotted out the superstructure and can replace it with the more blatantly tyrannical system it craves.
This is why Chuck Schumer has no power to stop this Trump nominee—or any Trump nominee. And even if a mighty Blue Wave crashes over the Congress in a few weeks, the Democrats mathematically cannot win a majority big enough to pass legislation over a Trump veto, to say nothing of impeachments.
(They could in theory keep the SCOTUS seat open if they take the Senate, but a) that’s unlikely, and b) how have we been doing with the 4-4 split Supreme Court we have now? For the most part, it hasn’t served as any real check on Trump and Pence, and in fact, has often helped them: devastating our unions with its Janus ruling, eviscerating LGBTQ rights by allowing “religious conscience” laws that re-legalize discrimination, instituting the third version of the Muslim ban, and more.)
So. Even with a “best-case” scenario of Democratic wins, where do you trulyexpect us to be on the morning of November 7th? Other than more or less where we are now, only with less time on the clock?
No, there’s no savior coming. No one who can give you official permission to stand up with millions of others and demand an end to this nightmare NOW. Again, our officials are constrained to doing this through the normal processes—and we know that the normal processes have become too weak to stop the widening destruction. We know this both by logic, and by the churning pit of our stomachs.
In the end, permission isn’t really theirs to give in any case. It’s yours. It’s mine. It’s ours. The only people who can save our country and the world from a metastasizing fascist regime…are the people. As the poem says, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
Only a true mass movement of the people, nonviolent and noncompliant, has any hope of removing this regime before thousands more children end up scarred and terrified in concentration camps. Before Jim Crow is fully re-implemented. Before an angry prep-school man-child—a proven misogynist and most likely a sexual assaulter of women as well—sets down his beer justlong enough to destroy women’s control over their own bodies.
And what doesn’t make sense about that? Has any great victory for human rights or rule of law been won without the pressure of a mass movement from below? That’s what it took in the 60’s. That’s what it took in the Velvet Revolution and the Arab Spring. And that’s what it took in South Korea in 2016. We shouldn’t expect this to require any less.
No one will give us permission to do this. But we can grant it to ourselves. There’s no wise expert or brave hero who will guide us all safely through this (most of the experts are just as lost as we are right now, I’m afraid), but we can put our heads together, bringing the wisdom and creativity from all our different backgrounds and perspectives. And we—in numbers that commandassent—each one looking out for the others—are our own best defenders against the horror of a resurgent fascism.
We can do it, and Refuse Fascism has the analysis, the understanding and the plan to do it. Want to learn more? See the Call to Action from

Friday, 12 October 2018


I always find it uplifting when those who are locked up by the workings of capitalism find the Revolutionary road, and dedicate their lives to fighting this fucked up unjust system.

Letter from a Prisoner after watching the new film

“BA makes it clear that it does not have to be this way”

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Comrades, I just finished watching the new film by Bob Avakian, the architect of the new synthesis of communism: Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution, this film made me realize that the situation that humanity is in right now is not something we should aspire to continue for generations to come, but it not only points out the dire consequences of this capitalist-imperialist system, but BA makes it clear that it does not have to be this way. There is a scientific approach that the masses (most oppressed) can take to emancipate themselves and all of humanity. The masses can make revolution if they take the proper time to prepare in order to succeed in overthrowing the system. 
Society is at a tipping point. Bob Avakian, passionately speaks about the outrages happening with the killings of brown and black people mainly youth by police that serve only to protect the interests of the ruling class. BA, lays out the science behind the approach to go for revolution with a real chance to win. This really inspired me to continue to pursue the emancipation of those exploited and oppressed under this dehumanizing system called capitalist-imperialism. Bob Avakian, states historical facts about the “Great America” of the past and there is nothing great about it. This country was built by fear, terror, and horrors by white supremacists. BA says that white supremacy goes hand in hand with capitalism, they are interwoven and tightly stitched. He gives us two choices, live under this system, or make revolution. With so much violence being done to the most defenseless and oppressed people in this country, they need to wake up and see that these horrors are being committed in their own backyards. BA, has a solution, he had an approach, it is to replace this system of private appropriations with a system where wealth is socially produced and also wealth is socially appropriated by a government that has the people’s interest at heart. He says that the bridge between these two worlds is revolution. This is possible as long as we do it right. 
I’m in prison, and people here have begun to feel that it is time to do something. I believe that if prisoners had a chance to see this film and other talks by Bob Avakian, the revolution condition would begin to ferment. He calls on us behind bars to stand up to the injustices going on around us. He believes in our revolutionary hearts and he knows that it is not our true essence to be criminals, that this system has caused the situations we’re in and we were trapped by the system. He calls on all the oppressed and exclaims that we must be prepared when the revolutionary situation comes by putting in the political and ideological work.  
The revolution has already started! We must refer to HWCW [HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution] our working document for revolution and get with the “3 Prepares.” Bob Avakian says that the reason for revolution is focused on the “5 Stops.” If anybody reads the “5 Stops” they would see that this system must be overthrown. We have the strategy, science, leadership, and program for revolution. I am ready to help build the ranks for revolution and get organized. I’m already gaining influence in here with some of the prisoners and if I can plant the seed in them maybe it’ll grow and blossom into a full blown revolutionary force.  
Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution, a film by Bob Avakian, is a compelling and critical description of what is actually going on in society and that analyzes what needs to be done and breaks down the need to go for revolution. It was thought provoking and an eye opening account to the state of the country. I highly recommend anyone who cares about humanity to check this film out and get with the revolution and get with Bob Avakian.