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Sorry for being spotty with posts the last little while , but we had a family vacation and it was excellent. A couple of things I noticed was that  some people think that being in a band gives you license to dress like an idiot and seek attention, while at the same time trying to seem aloof and introspective and pretending you are not seeking that attention, even though you and your bandmate are playing guitar ever so sensitively in public . Also, how this society breeds the most selfish and arrogant behaviour in many people, especially if they don't get their own way i.e. missing the ferry, and not taking responsibility for their own role in that. Fuck, how stupid can you be ? Blame yourself, asshole, not the rest of the world.
And finally, this terrific article from :

You Can’t Vote Out Fascism… You Have to Drive It From Power!

by Perry Hoberman, reprinted from Counterpunch 

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Perry Hoberman is a Los Angeles-based artist and activist, a research professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and a spokesperson for The following article is reprinted from Counterpunchand

I’ve been noticing a increasing phenomena on MSNBC and other mainstream media outlets: as the Trump/Pence regime resorts to ever more outrageous behavior, the various pundits — when asked to explain this or that monstrous action or statement — just shake their heads and admit that they’re simply baffled as to why anyone would do something so irrational, so clueless, so counterproductive, so cruel. There’s an unspoken implication that the regime can’t possibly understand what they’re actually doing — which in turn suggests that this can’t go on forever, that the whole thing will implode due to their painfully evident incompetence and/or thoughtlessness.
The first thing to point out is that the regime’s words and actions, insane as they might appear to any rational human being, are not arbitrary, and they’re not just bluster. These guys mean exactly what they say. From the very beginning, we’ve been told to take Trump’s words “seriously but not literally”, that he’s just “communicating with his base”, and that he’ll be reined in by the “adults in the room”, or maybe by our (increasingly mythical) “checks and balances”. These lines of reasoning start from the premise that Trump is just another corrupt far-right politician, deploying exagerrated rhetoric merely to get attention, while in fact staying within the boundaries of agreed-upon norms of civilized behavior. If we’ve learned anything in the last year and a half, it’s that this regime has no shame, no scruples, and no limits.
Fascist tendencies in right-wing politics are of course nothing new; it’s just that they were usually (mildly) disguised by coded language and “dog whistles”, allowing plausible deniability for politicians and their racist, xenophobic followers. But this regime is different. They’re not hiding it any more. This allows them to keep upping the ante. One consequence of this is that it leaves no middle ground: this is because anything short of driving them from power essentially means acquiescence and acceptance, and paves the ground for further atrocities.
The media’s failure to recognize these obvious facts points to some glaring limitations of their blinkered world view: they can’t understand, because they can’t let themselves understand. If they did, they would have to grapple with two simple facts: first, that the country is headed inexorably into full-on fascism; and second, that a massive sustained public uprising is the only thing that could stop this nightmare.
I know, I know: the midterms are only four months away, the blue wave, take back the house, that’s what we have to focus on. I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. There’s five simple words that refute this course: You can’t vote out fascism. While it’s true that some of our commentariat are finally admitting that, hey, maybe these guys really are fascists, none of them can seem to make the mental leap to what that might imply as far as a viable strategy.
Look around, and ask yourself: what are these dirtbags willing to do to stay in power? The answer is obvious: anything. How did they achieve power in the first place? By cheating: gerrymandering, fraud, hacking, disenfranchisement, etc. Now they’ve been there for nearly two years. The Democrats won the 2016 election by three million votes, and look at where we are; do you really think 2018 is going to be any better? (And I won’t get into how ineffective the Democratic leadership has been; that’s a whole other can of worms.)
You know what a ratchet is, right? It’s got teeth that only allow motion in one direction. Try to go the other way, and nothing happens. That’s how fascist politics work. As long as everything is headed in the direction they want, they can keep up the pretense that nothing has changed, that this is still business as usual. But the minute that they start losing — in the courts, in the media, in elections, whatever — they pull out every trick in the book — and nothing is off limits.
We can see this everywhere: in the Supreme Court battle (Merrick Garland? Never. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh? It would be unfair to delay confimation for one instant), the Muslim ban, immigration, the EPA, everywhere. Any battle they win, no matter how ugly and lethal the outcome, no matter how unpopular, it’s settled, let’s move on. Anything they lose? That can’t stand.
Remember: a rachet only goes one way.
While it’s heartening to see a new level of dissent and protest, we can’t lose sight of the fact that fascists don’t give a damn what you or the public thinks — or who or what they vote for.
They will continue until we force them to stop. And that’s not going to happen through normal channels.
So what can we do? How do we stop this nightmare? Is it even possible?
I don’t want to sugarcoat it: it’s not going to be easy, and there are no guarantees of success. But it is possible. Millions of people — almost certainly the majority of Americans — hate this and are agonizing over what this regime is doing to our country, the world and the planet itself.
Imagine if all of those people — everyone — took to the streets and stayed there, demanding that the regime be removed from power. What would happen? Nobody knows exactly, but there are a number of historical examples that we can give us a few hints. Although each uprising has its own particular circumstances, each shows us an instance where this strategy — where an ever-growing number of people took to the streets and didn’t go home — has actually worked.
In Egypt in 2011, Hosni Mubarak, who had been in power for thirty years, was forced out in less than a month of mass protests, civil disobedience and general strikes. In South Korea in 2016, President Park was finally impeached and convicted when first hundreds of thousands, then millions of people took to the streets. And this year in Armenia, mass civil disobedience and a national strike forced out Serzh Sargsyan after a corrupt power grab.
What did these uprisings have in common? They were massive, diverse, nonviolent, sustained and determined. Each grew to become large enough that the powers-that-be were forced to respond to their demands. Obviously this is not a strategy of first resort; in more normal times, it would be difficult to rouse enough people to create this kind of a crisis. But these are not normal times. What this regime is doing is shaking people to their very core; we can see evidence of this in the massive protests, in huge outpourings of support for and donations to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and other groups.
The disgust and outrage that people feel is real. Right now, most of it is being channeled towards the midterms. But let’s face it: the Democrats are not going to stop this. The Democratic leadership has actively hobbled its progressive wing; its few principled congresspeople have been disparaged as mavericks and loose cannons, lacking “civility”. Impeachment — which should be a no-brainer given the monstrous crimes of the regime — is “off the table”. Sure, maybe we’d be better off with the Democrats in control of the house and senate (unlikely as that may be). But even that wouldn’t fix this — and if people’s energy is channeled into paths that are almost certain to fail, it could lead to disasterThis has simply gone too far. The Democrats’ inevitable strategy of “finding common ground”, of compromise and capitulation — when faced with fascism — is unconscionable.
Politicians will only do the right thing if they are forced to do the right thing. While we do have to acknowledge that nothing so far has been even close to what it will take, there is deep potential — but if and only if it is transformed and infused with a sober and honest understanding of the depth of what we are actually confronting and a real path to drive it out.
This is what the group Refuse Fascism is for. They are the only group that has raised the single unifying demand that The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! I urge you to read their call,  to join, to donate, to talk to your friends, families and colleagues, to be one of thousands now, leading to tens and then hundreds of thousands, and finally millions, taking to the streets — and staying there — until the demand is met: In the Name of Humanity, This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

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This is why I find the RCP so inspirational. They are not trying to " see both sides ", they are calling out the rapacious imperialist system for what it is. There is no "neutrality" in a time like this. Those pretentious motherfuckers who try to see the good and the bad side to slavery and the invasions and destruction of country after country are fools playing into the hands of the killer kkkapitalists and nothing more. Read this :

“This is my second time out with the Revolution Club and this is not my last time. This is it for me, I know where to come, I know my place.”
—participant at an anti-July 4 picnic

Calling Out America’s Crimes, Getting Into Revolution and Building Community: Anti-July 4 Picnics Rock!

 | Revolution Newspaper |

Photos from Anti-July 4 Picnics
The “America Was Never Great” picnics on July 4 marked a real step forward for the movement for revolution. Several hundred people in four cities came out to mark the day the way it should be—calling out America’s great crimes and getting into the revolution. The spirit of Bob Avakian’s quote on “imagining a world without America” (BAsics 1:31) ran through it all—as did a collective sense at the core of the picnics that we ARE building a movement for an actual revolution. New members of the Revolution Club in Los Angeles received badges, new supporters everywhere put on the T-shirts, and the sense of something growing and dynamic—even if still in a very beginning way—was everywhere.

New York City

The people in NYC who stepped forward to put on Revolution--Nothing Less t-shirts.
At Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park, over 100 people came out for an afternoon of agitation, spoken word, song, and getting into the revolution. A good number were meeting the revolution for the first time. Others had recently run into—or run with—the revolution. Even with pigs outrageously hovering nearby, people joined in throughout the afternoon.
The Revolution Club opened with a fiery welcome: if you hate what America does here and around the world, you’re in the right place! A Club member held up HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution and said: “This system has no right to exist and this tells you how we can finally put an end to this system.” BAsics 1:31 and 3:1 were read, bringing alive the need for revolution.
Carl Dix followed: “Some people say tearing children apart is un-American. It’s not un-American—it’s as American as apple pie!” He told people: “I’m here to recruit you into the revolution,” then invited everyone to break into smaller groups and wrestle with how new people can step into the revolution, contribute in meaningful ways, and overcome the obstacles this system puts in their way.
After 30 or 40 minutes, the discussion was still going strong. People suggested ways to spread the revolution—and raised different ideas about the revolution itself. One revolutionary summed up: “The revolution isn’t separate from your life; you can do things for the revolution as you’re going through your life. Simple things like taking a picture of a poster and sharing it on Instagram. Giving out BA palm cards, getting in a discussion and sharing how it went. Staying in touch with”
It felt important to put the problems of the revolution before people this way. You couldn’t say the questions posed were resolved by any means, but people got to know each other, gained a deeper sense of what this revolution is about, and felt a beginning, but tangible, sense of community and connection.
Abiodun Oyewole, a founding member of the pathbreaking spoken-word group The Last Poets, welcomed people to the second half of the picnic with a reading of his powerful poem “Rain of Terror” beginning, “America is a terrorist!” Refuse Fascism delivered a passionate call to be in the streets on July 7.
Then, standing on the American rag and holding up the BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirt, the Revolution Club said: “When you put on this T-shirt, you’re representing something real, even if you’re doing it in a beginning way... Who is going to come up here and put on one of these T-shirts right now and represent for the revolution?”
When the first person stepped forward, applause broke out, and it grew as several others quickly followed. Eight people put on the shirt for the first time. Talking with some afterward, it was clear the basic message of revolution had resonated. Some had been drawn in these past weeks after hearing revolutionaries agitate on street corners in Harlem, coming across a block party at Revolution Books, or joining their contingent at Pride.
A middle-aged Black man told revcom: “I’ve been oppressed all my life and I finally found a way out... This is my second time out with the Revolution Club and this is not my last time. This is it for me, I know where to come, I know my place.... My first time was on 125th Street in Harlem... I heard a young lady speaking on an orange bucket... It startled me and I stood there for two hours, and I started helping her give out some of her pamphlets... It caught me when she said Donald Trump had kids in concentration camps, because I have kids, and she said he was stealing babies away from their families and this government was corrupt. I knew this government was corrupt, but I didn’t know how to go about changing it. But now I have people with me... It felt good, real good [to put the shirt on]. I don’t think I’m going to take it off today. It felt good to be part of a team, everybody striving for one goal... that all people should live under good humanity... I’m fighting for the rest of my life.”
Afterward, a woman artist felt inspired to give a beautiful rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It felt especially fitting.  [back to top]
New York City
Standing on the American flag.

Discussion group at NYC picnic.


Our picnic drew a diverse mix of 40-45 people to a Lake Michigan beach on Chicago’s predominantly Black Southeast Side, not far from the Revolution Club’s Organizing Center. A young white woman came alone via train and Uber from a town about 40 miles away. A Latino family met only days before came from the Back of the Yards neighborhood. A Black woman, who had bumped into a picnic the Revolution Club held four years ago, came with her family from Indiana after getting a text the day before. She said she had been looking for something like this to do on the 4th of July. One supporter of the club came “dressed for the occasion” with an American flag attached to the bottom of each of his sneakers. With every step he took he was desecrating the red, white and blue. A young couple who had met us at our picnic on Memorial Day came after having put up posters in their neighborhood for the revolution. Some people who were in the park also joined in including a crew of Black teens who participated in the flag burning ceremony at the end of the program.
In our picnic, we had been aiming to keep the program tighter and shorter in order to focus more on aspects of the picnic that could involve newer people in the revolution. One way we did this during the program was that everyone who came to the picnic was handed a printout of one of the cases of the revcom’s American Crimes series, and after playing the clip from BA on “What to the slave is the fourth of July: from the past to the present” and reading the BAsics 1:31, we called on people to come up to the mic and read their American Crime case. This was a moving way that involved people and got people realizing the scope of what it means to say “America Was Never Great.” One newer person, after reading their American Crime case, commented about realizing how much America has gone around the world to destabilize other countries and being very glad that on this day this is what people here were coming together to talk about.
One Club member did a powerful performance art piece entitled “Have You Ever Been To Vietnam” and another on the red, white and blue. Maya from the Club talked about her own legal case and the series of recent attacks on the Revolution Club by the police and how the authorities don't want “you” hooking up with the revolution and she talked about HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution (HWCW). Jazz musician Ted Sirota of Degenerate Artists Against Fascism told people about Refuse Fascism and called on people to participate in the July 7 protests.
At the end people were encouraged to take selfies standing/kneeling on the American flag and to gather around the grill to burn several smaller American flags. Then new people came together in a circle, and a representative of the Revolution Club told people about two problems the revolution faced, and asked them to be part of working on solving them: 1 is that many people don't even know about the revolution, and 2 is that many people who are supportive of the revolution don't see how they could be part of it. So the Revolution Club rep asked people how they found out about the revolution, why they came to the picnic, and what they thought they could be part of doing to work on the revolution. We read some of HWCW together to start it off, and then went in a circle. People had a number of different things to say about how they ended up there together, and most people were seeing that it would be meaningful if they contributed to solving that first problem by spreading materials and posters so many more people could even know about the revolution. This did help give people more of a sense of spreading the word as a meaningful part of working on a larger process of revolution, and at least got people thinking about how people like them could be part of it (even if people were very new and unsurprisingly had difficulty thinking of many different ways to take this up). Most came off this with assignments around how and where to spread the word about the revolution, and some got Revolution—Nothing Less! T-shirts.  [back to top]

Kneeling on the American flag.

Revolution Club group photo.


Reading the Points of Attention.
Great ANTI-4th of July picnic today in Oakland! Many people barbecuing and walking around Lake Merritt spotted our signs saying “Anti July 4th Picnic—America Was Never Great.” People took selfies with the signs and got copies of HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution. A Revolution Club member stood on the stars and stripes, and invited people to dance on it with her. Some people danced on the flag, some stepped carefully around it. A group of young women carrying American flags trailing on the ground hung out briefly. About 40 people stayed for significant parts of the afternoon, spreading blankets out, sitting on the grass, browsing the Revolution Books booth’s selection of literature. The Bob Avakian Institute had a TV set up for people to watch BA’s recent talk about the roots and dynamics of Trump/Pence Amerikkkan fascism and what to do about it. Volunteers made a bunch of delicious food, including a new guy who showed up with homemade Ethiopian food!
After about an hour of hanging out, eating, and getting to know each other, we kicked off the program. We started with some agitation about the real history and reality of this country, why this system must be overthrown, and why people are in the RIGHT place on this 4th of July. Then we played the clip from Bob Avakian on “What to the slave is your fourth of July?” A few people read poems. Someone read a piece she had written that morning on “What to the children of the world is your fourth of July?” A young woman new to the Revolution Club read a poem about this system: “‘Countless Schemes’ for killing off Black people.” Another young woman in the Club read a poem about the horror for immigrants on the border and the fight for a world without borders.
Several other people came up to stand on the flag and speak out, starting with the father of a young man who was murdered by police in Richmond. Someone else who works with the Revolution Club spoke powerfully on police murder and why this system can’t be reformed and must be overthrown, calling on young people to hook up with the Club. A woman from Mexico spoke in Spanish about the terror against immigrants, the parallels with Nazi Germany, and why we have to drive the Trump/Pence regime out of power. Someone from Refuse Fascism called on everyone to come this Saturday to the nationwide demonstration demanding, “The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO!” Finally the Revolution Club read the Points of Attention and called on people to run with us, to the join the Club, and gave everyone ways they could be part of the revolution, including by donating! There was a good spirit of new people taking responsibility in beginning ways for the revolution, representing for it and spreading it to others. A number of people stepped up in meaningful ways to cross the threshold from being a spectator to being an active participant in the revolution!
We picked a great place for the picnic. Not only was it a beautiful spot right on Lake Merritt, there was a constant flow of people passing by, many of whom stopped to listen and picked up HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution. When we were agitating about the many crimes the U.S. has committed here and around the world, a Black woman stopped to interject that we shouldn’t forget to talk about the Chinese Exclusion Act. A number of people sat down to watch clips from BA’s film, and everyone got a great introduction to the leadership we have for this revolution listening to BA’s powerful revolutionary message in response to Fredrick Douglass’ famous speech.  [back to top]


Los Angeles

Burning the American flag in LA.
The Revolution Club, LA held an Anti-4th of July BBQ in South Central. Many different people came to the picnic—young and old, and from many different strata. At least 60 people attended what was a very lively and spirited BBQ. There was lots of great food, and company to match. There was music, and dancing, and celebration. But this BBQ was celebrating something else.
The Revolution Club welcomed people to the BBQ and gave a short presentation a couple times throughout the BBQ, drawing heavily from the pamphlet HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution(HWCW). We played the clip of BA on “What to the slave is your fourth of July?” and the “What if” clip from the film REVOLUTION AND RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion: A Dialogue Between Cornel West & Bob Avakian. Someone spoke on the crimes of the United States and the horrors it still unleashes today. And we made sure to make a pitch for funds trying to draw from HWCW. There was a “patch ceremony” where new members of the Revolution Club came up and said a few words about why they are joining the Revolution Club and why others should as well. There was an open mic, where various people from the picnic came up and stood on the U.S. flag and said why they came. And when we burned the american rag, people celebrated.
People came for many reasons. Some felt that this isn’t a time for celebrating, given everything that is happening right now with immigrants, but think that America could change and become better. Some very much agreed with us that America was never great and could never become great. Everybody to some degree or another was interested in revolution, even if some in very contradictory ways. Some people brought food, some brought donations. People picked up literature, bought REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS! T-shirts, visited The Bob Avakian Institute booth.
The BBQ also had an effect on the people around us. Many different people related to us. Some people came in right off the street and walked up to the BBQ from seeing our flyers posted up around near the park. Others in the park came over to see what we were all about. We took the opportunity to get into it with them and talk about why we were having this BBQ and HWCW.  [back to top]

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As I've stated on numerous occasions, the ndp are the party of the chickenshit left, the people who pretend to want real change but are actually afraid of that, and really only want to maintain the status quo, only with a few watered down cosmetic adjustments. That being said, I respect Yves Engler and his stance on most issues, but his expectations of the ndp are unrealistic at best. Still, his writing is worth reading.

NDP’s claim to ‘dialogue’ with Palestinians a cruel joke

The NDP is refusing to heed a call from 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists and party members to withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group (CIIG). To justify its decision the party says it is also represented on the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group (CPPFG).
In response to the open letter signed by Roger Waters, Maher Arar, Noam Chomsky, Linda McQuaig, etc. calling on NDP MPs to withdraw from CIIG, anti-Palestinian groups jumped to the party’s defence. In a Canadian Jewish Newsarticle about the open letter CIIG chair Michael Levitt — a former board member of the explicitly racist Jewish National Fund and co-author of a recent statement blaming “Hamas incitement” for Israeli forces shooting thousands of peaceful protesters, including Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani — called CIIG executives Murray Rankin and Randall Garrison “mensches” and said he’s “very supportive” of their role in the group. For its part, the staunchly anti-Palestinian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) released a statement defending “the federalNDP’s decision to not withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group despite pressure from party members.”
In response to the open letter NDP officials told the Huffington PostHill Timesand others they were also represented on CPPFG. Caucus Press Secretary Kathryn LeBlanc sent me a statement noting, “NDP MPs belong to both the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group and the Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group. The NDP believes dialogue is the way forward to establish peace, security and justice for Palestinian and Israeli people.”
But, the claim that belonging to these two committees creates some sort of neutral balance between Israelis and Palestinians conjures up famed South African activist Desmond Tutu’s insight that “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
In the case of South African apartheid the NDP never claimed this sort of “dialogue is the way forward to establish peace, security and justice.” The party supported boycotts, divestment and sanctions against South Africa to put non-violent pressure on the country to end a regime that oppressed millions.
And even the NDP’s claim to balance and “dialogue” by belonging to both committees is disingenuous at best.
The Canada-Palestine group isn’t one of 17 official parliamentary associations or groups so it doesn’t receive public support, unlike the Canada-Israel group. Without official parliamentary status, the CPPFG has few resources and little influence. Established in 2007, it went defunct and was only re-constituted last year with nine MPs, including one initial NDP member (at least one more NDP MP has joined since the re-launch). The Israel Interparliamentary group, on the other hand, was created in 1981 and has 88 MPs and Senators, including four NDP members.
CIIG works with a sister organization in Israel, the 13-member Israel-Canada Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group. The two groups organize joint teleconferences and delegations to each other’s parliaments. As I detailed, the co-chairs of the Israel-Canada Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, Yoel Hasson and Anat Berko, are stridently anti-Palestinian.
CPPFG, on the other hand, works with representatives of a people without control of territory and whose politicians are often locked in Israeli jails. Dozens of Palestinian representatives Israel detains can’t “dialogue” with their NDP counterparts through CPPFG. A recent CPPFG inspired Canadian parliamentary delegation to the West Bank wasn’t able to meet with Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar, whose daughters have been active in Palestine solidarity campaigning in Canada, since she has been detained by Israel for most of the past three years and has been blocked from traveling internationally since 1998.
It’s unclear if the Canadian MPs would have been allowed to meet Jarrar even if she weren’t detained by Israel since she is a member of the secular leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Like most Palestinian political organizations, the PFLP is a banned terrorist organization in Canada. Ottawa’s post-September 11 2001 terrorist list makes it illegal to assist the PFLP, Palestine Liberation Front, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, Abu Nidal Organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and groups associated with these organizations.
Instead of these groups, CPPFG is aligned with the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA). According to PA allied media, its re-launch was “coordinated with the Palestinian General Commission in Canada” and the recent CPPFG inspired delegation of MPs to the West Bank was organized “in coordinationbetween the Palestinian National Authority.”
Heavily dependent on Western funding and Israeli support, the PA has been labeled the “subcontractor of the Occupation” (some believe even that’s too charitable, calling the PA “in lock step” with Israel’s occupation). Since the Harper government took over in 2006 half a billion dollars in Canadian aid money has gone to the PA in an explicit bid to strengthen it vis-à-vis political rival Hamas and to entrench Israel’s occupation.
There have been increasing references in the past months during high-level bilateral meetings with the Israelis about the importance and value they place on Canada’s assistance to the Palestinian Authority, most notably in security/justice reform,” read a heavily censored November 2012 note signed by former Canadian International Development Agency president Margaret Biggs. “The Israelis have noted the importance of Canada’s contribution to the relative stability achieved through extensive security co-operation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.” The note released through an Access to Information request suggests the goal of Canadian “aid” was to protect a corrupt Abbas, whose electoral mandate expired in 2009, from popular backlash. Biggs explained that “the emergence of popular protests on the Palestinian street against the Palestinian Authority is worrying and the Israelis have been imploring the international donor community to continue to support the Palestinian Authority.”
The Shin Bet vettedCIA connected and Canadian, US and British trained PA security forces have repeatedly quelled protests opposing Israeli violence in Gaza and expansionism in the West Bank. In the latest iteration, two weeks ago PA forces fired stun grenades and teargas on a peaceful demonstration calling for the easing of punitive economic measures in Gaza. An Amnesty International staff member was arbitrarily detained and tortured alongside 18 others in what the rights group labeled a “vicious crackdown”.
After returning from the recent PA coordinated visit to the West Bank Green Party leader Elizabeth May and NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice both said the Palestinians they talked didn’t support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (the PA’s position). The delegation did not meet anyone from the Palestinian BDS National Committee, which dubs itself “the broadest Palestinian civil society coalition that works to lead and support the BDS movement for Palestinian rights.” Nor did they go to Gaza.
Claiming to be dialoguing with both sides through CPPFG and CIIG is a cruel joke. The NDP should heed 200 well-known musicians, academics, trade unionists and party members’ call to withdraw from the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group.

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I've always believed that the soft headed liberal types in this country ( and every country, for that matter ) are not to be trusted due to their limited perspective and poor grasp of history and ideology. This article will show why that is the case. I mean, how the fuck do you not see this shit ?

NDP flirts with anti-Russian extreme right

In response to Ukrainian Canadian Congress campaigning, two NDP MLAs recently convinced the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to withdraw a brand of Russian vodka from its stores. Alberta MLAs Deron Bilous and Jessica Littlewood argued that a hammer and sickle logo on a bottle of vodka was “offensive“. Articulating a growing rightist effort to equate communism with Nazism in Eastern Europe, Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta chapter president, Olesia Luciw-Andryjowycz, told the Edmonton Journal that the hammer and sickle was akin to “having a swastika on a bottle of cognac.”
This is not the first attempt by a provincial NDP to ban Russian vodka. In response to the 2014 upheaval in the Ukraine, a minister in the NDP government in Manitoba discussed a provincial ban on Russian vodka. At the same time, NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo tabled a motion at the Ontario Legislature calling on government-run liquor stores to suspend sales of Russian Standard vodka.
DiNovo was one of the NDP representatives that flirted with Ukraine’s hard right. She attended a Ukrainian parade in Toronto where some marched behind a banner titled “Right Sector Canada”. Its parent organization in the Ukraine said it was “defending the values of white, Christian Europe against the loss of the nation and deregionalisation.” At another Toronto event NDP MP Peggy Nash shared a stage with a speaker from Ukraine’s Right Sector.
Over the past four years, the NDP has backed a coup in Kiev, war in eastern Ukraine and NATO military build-up in Eastern Europe. In 2014 the right-wing nationalist Euro-Maidan movement ousted Viktor Yanukovych who was oscillating between the European Union and Russia. The US-backed coup divided the Ukraine politically, geographically and linguistically (Russian is the mother tongue of 30% of Ukrainians). After Yanukovych’s ouster Russia reinforced its military presence — or “seized” — the southern area of Crimea and then organized a referendum on secession. Home to Moscow’s major Baltic naval base, Crimea had long been part of Russia and the bulk of the population preferred Moscow’s rule to the post-coup right wing nationalist government in Kiev.
The NDP echoed the US/Stephen Harper government position on Ukraine. The day after Yanukovych fled, NDP MP Olivia Chow told a Euro-Maidan Canada rally in Toronto, “we must be vigilant, we must ensure our government, our Canadian government, continues to keep an eye on the Ukraine to make sure that the Russians do not interfere.”
But, the NDP MP wasn’t bothered by Canadian interference in that country. Eighteen months after the coup the Canadian Press reported that opposition protesters were camped in the Canadian Embassy for a week during the February 2014 rebellion against Yanukovych. “Canada’s embassy in Kyiv was used as a haven for several days by anti-government protesters during the uprising that toppled the regime of former president Viktor Yanukovych,” the story noted.
Ottawa played a similar role during the “Orange Revolution” a decade earlier. In a story headlined “Agent Orange: Our secret role in Ukraine,” Globe and Mailreporter Mark MacKinnon detailed how Canada funded a leading civil society opposition group, promised Ukraine’s lead electoral commissioner Canadian citizenship if he did “the right thing” and paid for 500 Canadians of Ukrainian descent to observe the 2004-05 elections. “[Canadian ambassador to the Ukraine, Andrew Robinson] began to organize secret monthly meetings of western ambassadors, presiding over what he called ‘donor coordination’ sessions among 20 countries interested in seeing Mr. [presidential candidate Viktor] Yushchenko succeed. Eventually, he acted as the group’s spokesman and became a prominent critic of the Kuchma government’s heavy-handed media control. Canada also invested in a controversial exit poll, carried out on election day by Ukraine’s Razumkov Centre and other groups that contradicted the official results showing Mr. Yanukovych [winning].”
Indifferent to Canada’s interference in Ukrainian affairs, during the 2015 federal election leaders debate Mulcair said, “with regard to Ukraine, yes, Putin is a danger. We stand firmly with Ukraine against the aggression by Russia.” The NDP leader also reiterated the party’s call for harsher measures against Russian officials, naming two businessmen whom he said should be added to Canada’s list of Russians targeted for sanctions. In March 2014 NDP foreign critic Paul Dewar released a statement calling for “travel bans against certain Russian officials and suspending trade with Russia’s military sector.” Five months later the NDP put out a press release under the headline “Conservatives shieldRussian business elite from sanctions: Toothless sanctions are out of step with Canada’s closest allies.” In 2017 NDP foreign critic Hélène Laverdière applauded a bill modeled after the US Magnitsky Actthat would further strain relations between Ottawa and Moscow by sanctioning Russian officials. NDP MPs voted for legislation Laverdière labelled an “important step to support the Global Magnitsky movement.”
In summer 2016 NDP defence critic Randall Garrison expressed support for Canada leading a NATO battle group to Latvia as part of a ratcheting up of tensions with Russia. Four hundred and fifty Canadian troops are currently leading a 1,000-strong NATO force in Latvia while the US, Britain and Germany head missions in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. As vice-chair of Parliament’s Standing Committee on National Defence, Garrison endorsed a December report titled “Canada’s support to Ukraine in crisis and armed conflict.” It denounced Russia’s “war of aggression against Ukraine” and lauded Canada’s “support of Ukraine in its fight against Russia.”
Deploying Canadian troops to the Russian border and Alberta MLAs pushing to ban Russian vodka both empower rightists in Eastern Europe. They are part of a troubling game of brinksmanship with Russia.
Is this really in Canada’s interest? And why is the NDP enabling the agenda of extreme right forces?