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I need people to stop fucking texting. Yes. Everyone. Especially with that stupid shiteating grin on your face. Someone should smash your fucking teeth out with that brain killing phone. 
  People have to stop telling me about "funny" shit they've seen on facefuck. I don't care, and it's not funny. Shut the fuck up. I am not on it, and never will be. And while you're at it, go ahead and attempt to make fun of me for not being up on all of the new fucking gadgets coming out every few fucking seconds. You are fascinated with these new shiny things because you are stupid, and completely unable to think. Follow the herd to the slaughterhouse, you fuck.
   Stop saying that muslims, christians, jews, atheists, various races/ethnicities, are "evil". They are not. Everyone is fucking evil and ignorant at some time. No one has the monopoly on shittiness. If you want to find terrorism, look no further than your own fucking government.
   "It is what it is". Oh, how fucking deep. It's a stupid meaningless expression. Shut it.
     " Men are like this, Women are like that". Do I even need to fucking elaborate? Soooo stupid. Played out and pathetic.
   Middle-aged men bragging about their TVs. Holy fuck. Yawn.
   Thanking the troops for "our freedom". No. The troops are protecting the privileges and rights of the 1% of society who control all of the wealth, communications, the government, etc. The part of society who have the 750 million dollars worth of oil interests in Iraq, according to the government's own website. Killing civilians to protect the profits of the super rich is not for the benefit of any illusory "freedom". Fuck it.
   That is all for now. To anyone who is offended, who cares. Don't come back.


It seems that police killings of people going through mental health crises is not only happening south of the border. Out of the six people killed by b.c. cops in 2014, ALL of them had either diagnosed mental health issues, or were going through a crisis due to substance abuse and mental health problems. Fuck the police and their fucking system.

Lethal Force: Victoria mother learned over a police car radio that her troubled son had been shot dead

B.C. police have been trained in ‘de-escalation’ but has the new program worked?

Lethal Force: Victoria mother learned over a police car radio that her troubled son had been shot dead

Marney Mutch sits at home holding a photo of her son Rhett, who was fatally shot by Victoria police in November of 2014 on March 25, 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The red ladybug contains the ashes of her son.

Photograph by: Kevin Light , Vancouver Sun

From outside her family’s Victoria home, Marney Mutch heard a terrifying gunshot blast and was hustled by police into the back of a squad car to wait. As she sat alone in the vehicle, her worst fears were confirmed over the police radio: Her 20-year-old son had been shot, likely fatally.
“Subject down. Bullet to the neck. Mother safely in the car,” the emotional mother recalls hearing.
The last time she saw her son Rhett, she said, he had been sitting quietly on the couch of her Victoria home with tears in his eyes. Earlier that day, last Nov. 1, he had broken a window, after losing his key and thinking that his mother was not home.
Police released few details after the shooting, but said the mother called 911 after her son allegedly threatened to hurt himself.
There were issues Rhett was upset about that day, she said, adding she later learned he had been fired from his job the night before.
The fatal shooting of her only child is being examined by the province’s Independent Investigations Office, so Mutch declined to discuss the specifics of what happened until the report is complete. But she is certain that Rhett was not a threat to her or to himself, and was mortified when heavily armed officers responded to her 911 call with sirens blaring.
“I was on my way to sit down with him when the SWAT team arrived and I tried to assure them before they entered that the assault rifle was not needed ... I will forever be haunted by thoughts of how terrified he must have been,” Mutch said in a recent interview.
“If they think someone is distraught enough to consider harming themself, how does confronting them with terrifying weapons improve their outlook? This wasn’t a hostage-taking. The whole thing was surreal.”
Neither Victoria police nor the IIO will discuss specifics of what happened that day until the probe is finished.
Rhett was one of six people shot and killed by police in B.C. in 2014. All of the deceased either had diagnosed mental illnesses or were going through a mental health crisis triggered by drug use or difficult life events.
Last year was unusually active for fatal police shootings in this province. And it comes at a time when nearly every officer in B.C. has completed new training on how to de-escalate situations with mentally distraught people, before resorting to lethal force.
The Vancouver Sun was unable to find a complete list of fatal shootings by police in B.C., so compiled one using coroner’s reports, newspaper archives and IIO press releases.
The newspaper tallied 41 people killed in police shootings in this province since 2004, an average of just under four a year. Of those, we conservatively estimate 60 per cent of the deceased were going through a mental health crisis.
(The list does not include people who died after being Tasered by police, or those who died in police custody of other means.)
Some years, such as 2004, 2009 and 2014, had more fatal shootings than average, while other years, such as 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2013, had fewer.
In 2012, the province introduced mandatory “crisis intervention and de-escalation” training to help officers in B.C. better relate to people in the throes of a mental health crisis. The training was created in response to the death of Robert Dziekanski, the unarmed Polish man who became agitated at the Vancouver airport and was Tasered several times by RCMP in 2007.
All new and existing officers were to complete the four-hour online training and the one-day classroom session by January 2015, but the Justice Ministry could not confirm this target has been reached. Instead, it said as of December, more than 7,500 officers — between 75 and 85 per cent of those in B.C. — had taken the training.
Once trained, B.C. officers must complete an online refresher course every three years.
The B.C.-developed training is unique in Canada and has received some positive reviews, including from the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Several U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions want to adopt similar measures for their police officers.
But is there any evidence the training is working, if the number of fatal shootings dropped from four in 2012 to one in 2013, and then climbed to six in 2014?
Yes, insisted Justice Minister Suzanne Anton.
“I do believe police in B.C. are much better equipped to interact with people with mental health or substance abuse issues now, and in fact our expectation is that the (de-escalation) skills police learn are practised during other types of training such as use of force training as well,” Anton said in an emailed statement to The Sun.
Sgt. Mike Massine is a use-of-force instructor at the Justice Institute, which teaches the de-escalation training to all new recruits.
Without getting into the specifics of the cases, he argues the cluster of incidents in 2014 could be caused by many different variables — and isn’t proof that police too often reach for their guns, instead of their negotiating skills, when confronted by an erratic, often-armed mentally disturbed person.
“The numbers themselves are not indicative that (the training) program isn’t working. The situations that officers face from year to year, call to call, are very different,” Massine said in an interview. “Just because you have one year with higher incidents of use of force … doesn’t necessarily mean a program is failing.”
There are simply times, Massine added, when the life of an officer or a bystander is in danger.
“We want to de-escalate. We want to avoid the use of force at all costs, but we also realize that we don’t live in a perfect world, a utopian world, where we will eliminate the need for officers to use force,” he said. “It’s an unfortunate reality.”
Doug King, a lawyer with Pivot Legal Society, an advocacy organization for disenfranchised people, is concerned about the tally of fatal shootings in 2014.
“(It) was a difficult year, for sure, for police shootings and I think maybe that’s one of the reasons it is in the public’s mind a lot right now — the sheer number. And it suggests that we are not going in the right direction. We are having difficulties,” he said.
Pivot is representing the family of Tony Du, a schizophrenic man shot in November by police in an East Vancouver intersection. Du, 51, was waving a wooden two-by-four, but was otherwise unarmed.
That case, King argues, is one in which the de-escalation training should have been tried before the trigger was pulled.
“It seems like a classic example where there was a total failure to de-escalate,” King said. “It is tough to reconcile with what the purpose of the training is.”
In too many of these fatal cases, the shots are fired within minutes — sometimes seconds — of police arriving at the scene. That is often a factor of an officer not being able to slow the situation down because there isn’t proper backup, or access to less-lethal weapons such as Tasers, or enough time to prepare.
In addition to relatives of Du and Mutch, other families have raised concerns:
• Peter de Groot, an academic before suffering a brain injury caused by an aneurysm, was shot in October at a remote cabin near Slocan, where he had hunting rifles but posed no public safety threat, his sister said. His family accused the RCMP of “executing” the 45-year-old man when he opened the door of the cabin holding a rifle, alleging officers wouldn’t accept relatives’ offers to help calm de Groot.
• In December, Naverone Woods, 23, was acting irrationally inside a Surrey grocery store and was shot by Transit police when he advanced toward them armed with a knife. His relatives said he had no diagnosed mental illness, and question why a gun was used instead of less-lethal options such as a Taser.
• Gregory Matters, a Canadian peacekeeper with PTSD, was holding a hatchet when he was shot in September 2012 after he walked toward an officer at his mother’s rural Prince George property. His relatives maintain police handled the situation poorly, arguing the autopsy proves Matters, 40, was shot twice in the back.
• Justin Zinser, who was bipolar, was shot in September 2011 at a remote Chilcotin cabin after police asked him to drop his rifle and he instead turned his back to them and appeared to be loading it. The family of the 23-year-old have advocated criminal charges in the case, arguing he was fatally shot in the back and received no first aid at the scene.
• Michael Vann Hubbard, a schizophrenic living in a Downtown Eastside homeless shelter, was holding an Exacto knife he used for artwork when shot in March 2009 after interacting with police for just two minutes. His family believes he would still be alive today if police had used a Taser.
In some of the cases, the people shot were unarmed, such as Matthew Wilcox, 39, who in January 2010 pulled a cellphone out of his pocket to text his wife. A North Vancouver RCMP officer thought the mentally ill man’s phone was a gun.
And Jeffrey Hughes, 48, was shot by Nanaimo RCMP in October 2009 after police mistook the marine flare gun held by the mentally ill man for a real firearm.
Supt. Norm Gaumont, who is overseeing a provincewide review of RCMP mental health strategies, said it will require about five years of data to statistically determine whether the de-escalation training is reducing police shootings.
“I believe it is working, it is absolutely a step in the right direction, but it will take time to look at it quantitatively,” Gaumont said.
De-escalation, he said, is key to these types of cases: Yelling at someone in a mental health crisis will only make that person more confused, so the goal is for officers to keep their voices down and listen to what the distraught person is saying.
But there will still be times, Gaumont added, when a subject is armed and lethal force is necessary to protect the life of the officer or other people nearby.
“De-escalating is our primary focus, but at the end of the day if your life is in danger, then you have to make that difficult decision,” he said.
The RCMP has beefed up other mental health responses in recent years, Gaumont said, such adding new mental health liaison officers and embedding a nurse in a specific cruiser to respond to mental health calls in Surrey and Kamloops — emulating a project started in Vancouver.
In Victoria, one of the first police departments to embed an officer with a mental health outreach team, all officers have completed the de-escalation training and it has also been incorporated into annual training sessions, said spokesman Const. Mike Russell.
In a report last year, the Mental Health Commission of Canada said B.C.’s de-escalation training “appears to be a successful learning program,” in part because it included mental health professionals in its development.
Massine argued the training is successful because groups such as the Schizophrenia Society and B.C. Civil Liberties gave input into the model, and that people with mental health experience speak to the officers during the in-class portion of the course.
“A deeper understanding of what somebody with mental illness really experiences at the time of the encounter and puts it on a human level,” said Massine, the use-of-force instructor.
Feedback continues to be gathered from officers, and those with mental health expertise, and he expects there will be revisions to the training to respond to any concerns.
The Justice Ministry promised to review the training in 2015, once all the officers had completed the courses. King said a review is necessary.
“Studies suggest there is self-reporting from officers that they feel more comfortable and more capable of handling the escalating situation since they received the training,” King said.
“But I don’t think there is anything out there which suggests there is empirical proof that the training has decreased incidents and the number of shootings.”

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....and these assholes think they have the right to force "civilization" on to other people?!

SF Sheriffs Force Prisoners to Fight Like Gladiators

March 30, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

In speaking to the situation facing Black and Latino people in the U.S.—mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline, the criminalization and demonization of a whole generation of youth, the overt or just-below-the-surface racism prevalent in society, etc.—Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party has said what is taking place is a slow genocide that could easily become a fast genocide. The word “genocide” comes from the ancient root words “genos” (people) and “cide” (killing)—according to the UN, genocide is the deliberation imposition on a national, ethnic, racial or religious group of “conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” This regular feature highlights aspects of this slow genocide.

In a scandal that has just come out, the San Francisco public defender said that in early March, Sheriff’s Department deputies forced two inmates at the County Jail to engage in “gladiator-style” fights. They picked the smallest prisoner at the jail—Rico Garcia, weighing 150 pounds—to fight against the largest—Stanley Harris, weighing 350 pounds. Garcia said, “They took me down to the hallway and told me to fight another inmate, which was Stanley, and told me if I didn’t fight that I would basically get beat up by themselves, by Deputy Neu. And he told me he was going to Mace me and cuff me if I didn’t.” Neu, apparently the ringleader of these pigs, was accused in 2006 of sexually assaulting a woman and two transgender inmates—a case that was “settled out of court.”
The deputies placed bets on the fights, and they told the two prisoners that “anything goes” in the fight—other than hitting the face, so that there wouldn’t be obvious evidence of the fight. Garcia was injured in the staged fighting, possibly with broken ribs. But the deputies forced him to not report his injuries.

Bob Avakian, "A better world is possible," from his talkREVOLUTION: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About. As part of this clip, BA talks about how guards at the Corcoran prison in California forced prisoners to fight like gladiators.
What kind of savage beasts would force two incarcerated human beings to fight each other—whether it’s for “entertainment,” trying to foment divisions among people, or whatever? This isn’t just about the four individual deputies reportedly involved in this specific incident (who have been transferred to other prisons). Clearly, these gladiator-style fights couldn’t have gone on without the other jail-keepers knowing about it, if not actively participating. And this kind of outrage isn’t just restricted to this one jail. In the late 1990s, for example, it was exposed that at California’s Corcoran state prison SHU (Security Housing Unit, or isolation units), guards organized “gladiator days” where prisoners from different gangs were put into the exercise pen and told to fight each other, while armed guards watched and bet on the outcome. This was part of how the prison authorities foment and enforce divisions among prisoners.
The horrors that go on in the hellholes of mass incarceration across the U.S. are part of the genocidal program directed at Black and Latino people. Prisoners are subjected to mind-crushing torture in isolation chambers. They are chained, beaten, maced, tasered. They are set against each other so the authorities can more easily exert control over them. Rape is used as a means of social control on prisoners, both women and men. All this is intended to break the spirits of millions for whom this system offers absolutely NO future.

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This is what the amerikkkans and their allies have done to the people of Iraq. This is your freedom. This is something no monument will be built for. 

12 Years After the U.S. Invasion of Iraq—Legacy of Death, Torture, Displacement, and Horror

March 23, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

Twelve years ago—on March 19-20, 2003—the U.S. invaded Iraq, overthrew the Saddam Hussein regime, and then occupied the country for the next eight and a half years. The Bush regime claimed the U.S. went to war to eliminate “weapons of mass destruction.” That was a bald-faced lie to justify a war for greater empire. Barack Obama said the U.S. military had given “Iraqis an opportunity to claim their own future.” The reality is that the U.S. war and its aftermath have brought nothing but immense death, suffering, and horror to the people of Iraq.
U.S. Marines walk past bodies of people killed in the U.S. assault on Fallujah, Iraq, 2004.U.S. Marines walk past bodies of people killed in the U.S. assault on Fallujah, Iraq, 2004. APphoto.
Iraqis killed as a result of the U.S. war, directly or indirectly (due to destruction and disruption of war, including to water and power systems, health care, and food production): 655,000 according to a 2006 study by the British medical journal The Lancet. Current estimate of Iraqi deaths: 1.2 to 1.4 million. Iraqis injured: 4.2 million. (See warisacrime.org/iraq)
A house destroyed by a U.S. airstrike in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. Four houses were hit and five people seriously injured.A house destroyed by a U.S. airstrike in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. Four houses were hit and five people seriously injured. AP photo.

The U.S. war and occupation forced 4.5 million Iraqis from their homes.
A prisoner being abused in Abu Ghraib prison.A prisoner being abused in Abu Ghraib prison. AP photo
The U.S. military tortured and sexually degraded and abused thousands of Iraqi prisoners. At Abu Ghraib prison, U.S. troops stripped prisoners naked and terrorized them with dogs. No U.S. government or military official has been charged, much less convicted, for the torture they oversaw and commanded.
Far from “liberating” women, the U.S. war intensified the oppression of women in Iraq. Two million Iraqi women were widowed over the course of more than two decades of U.S. intervention, invasion, occupation, and U.S.--instigated wars, with many forced into prostitution. The U.S.-backed regime replaced the secular constitution with one based on Sharia (Islamic religious law) with separate, unequal status for women. There has been a rise in violence against women, including “honor killings” and forced veiling.
Screenshots from the Collateral Murder video, one of the documents Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was accused of leaking. The video shows American soldiers in an Apache helicopter in Baghdad, 2007, firing on and killing 12 Iraqi civilians.
One of the many war crimes carried out by U.S. troops was a 2007 Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad when U.S. troops gunned down Iraqi civilians, journalists, and passers-by who tried to help the wounded and dying. The video of this massacre was one of the files that Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), a U.S. Army private, released to WikiLeaks. Manning was convicted in a military trial and outrageously sentenced to 35 years in prison for her courageous act.

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The asshole  harper  government yesterday announced plans to build a 5 million dollar monstrosity for all of the "victims of communism" beside the supreme court building in fucking ottawa. How the fuck much sense does this make? Why the stupid cold war rhetoric now? How about a monument to the victims who went through the residential school system in this fucking country, or a monument honouring the reservations system, which south fucking africa used to model their apartheid system on? How about giving the 5 fucking million to the food banks and homeless shelters in the area, for all of the victims of capitalism? Or giving it to the veterans who come back all fucked up from defending the  kkkanadian oil companies 750 million dollars worth of interests in Iraq, or better yet, to the Iraqi civilians whose country the kkkanadian troops are helping to destroy on behalf of capitalists' interests? And so far all of the spineless politicians are afraid to totally speak out against this incredibly arrogant, blind, and just plain fucking stupid project. Fuck harper, and all of the pathetic politicians.

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The rhetoric might have changed since great britain was trying to "civilize the savages", but the reasons behind kkkanada trying to "help" Iraq are the same as they have been for any imperialist country.
   According to the canadian government's own website, canada's oil companies interests in Iraq are worth more than 750 million dollars, and canada has done more than 3.4 billion dollars in "bi-lateral" trade with Iraq. canada opened a trade mission there in 2013. One of the many things canada is "helping" with, is "fiscal decentralisation". So say what you want about "freedom" and other bullshit, this is the real mission. And the fight against ISIS? Total crap. ISIS were one of the groups who the "friends of Syria" armed and financed in order to take down the Assad regime in Syria. And yes, assholes, kkkanada was one of those "friends". So next time anyone gets indignant about someone not "supporting the troops", they can fuck off. The troops get sent over there to defend the interests of the 1%, and NOT the 99, as many assholes would have you believe.

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Come see us in Nanaimo on April the 4th. It'll be our first show there in many many years. Besides, you kind of have to go see a band called the Pussycocks, don't you?


Should stephen fuckface harper be arrested for aiding terrorism? Yes. Yes, he should. Him and all of the other fucking parasites sitting in parliament.

Canada, State Sponsor of Terrorism? Role of Canadian Embassy in Jordan in ISIS Recruitment?

  211  13 
There is a consistent pattern. NATO member states including Turkey, France, Britain as well as NATO partner countries (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) have been involved in the recruitment and training of ISIS terrorists. 
Canada is no exception. The latest bombshell revelation pertains to the alleged uncover role of Canada and its intelligence services in the recruitment of ISIS mercenaries.
According to a detailed report in the Ottawa Citizen entitled “Reports link Islamic State recruiter to Canadian Embassy in Jordan” (March 13, 2015)   Canada’s embassy in Amman, was allegedly involved in the recruitment of ISIS “jihadists”. The report pertains specifically to the recruitment and smuggling of three adolescent (underaged) British girls into ISIS controlled territory in Syria:
“We have been engaged with someone [recruiter working for Canada's intelligence agency CSIS] who is not blocking people from travelling to Syria to join up with ISIL, they’re actually facilitating it,” he said. [Dewar, spokesperson for the NDP]
“So the government has to understand that they’re accountable for the actions of our spy agency and whomever they work with.”
Should the allegations prove true, Dewar [spokesperson for the NDP] said there should be an immediate investigation into what happened, including how CSIS [Canada's intelligence agency] would have recruited such a person to work for it.
- See more at: http://www.globalresearch.ca/canada-state-sponsor-of-terrorism-role-of-canadian-embassy-in-jordan-in-isis-recruitment/5436660#sthash.rEseWUdd.dpuf

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Two cops were shot in Ferguson during a protest against the police murdering people on a regular basis, nationwide. I do want to emphasize that this is not an endorsement of what happened, but it is a statement saying, " that's what happens". These are consequences. The idiot police chief in Ferguson had the lack of brains to say that the cops were shot "just because they were cops". No shit, genius. Why are Black people shot almost daily in the land of the free? Why do the cops go in and brutalize entire neighbourhoods? Why do many people see them as an occupying army, and not as "public servants"? Because they are not servants of the public, they are servants of capital, ensuring the regular functioning of an oppressive system. And where there is oppression, there is resistance.
Image result for ferguson protests    Image result for ferguson protests

Image result for ferguson protests    Image result for ferguson protests