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Is everyone still going to be surprised when an "unprovoked" attack happens in a western country ? Shut the fuck up.

Syria says latest US-led coalition strikes killed 45 civilians near Manbij

Syria has appealed to the UN claiming that 45 civilians were killed and 50 injured in US-led coalition airstrikes outside the city of Manbij near Aleppo on Thursday.
“In two letters addressed to head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General, the [foreign] ministry called for stopping attacks and atrocities committed against civilians, calling for bringing the perpetrators to justice,” stated the Syrian state news agency SANA.
The letters went on to say that any counterterrorism efforts in Syria are doomed unless done in cooperation with the Syrian government in accordance with international law and the UN Charter.”
On Thursday night, US Central Command (CENTCOM) acknowledged that the airstrikes “may have resulted in civilian casualties,” but did not name a figure, pending a likely future investigation.
CENTCOM said the aerial bombardment had been aimed at driving out ISIS forces concentrated in Manjib, a strategic waypoint on the road to the Islamists’ “capital city” of Raqqa.
Commenting on the CENTCOM statement, White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said on Friday that “they’ll see if additional action is necessary,” without elaborating.
He added that “this administration, the United States government takes all measures during the targeting process to avoid or minimalizing civilian casualties.”
SANA said that a “massacre” occurred in the village of al-Ghandoura and “on the heels of this appalling crime, ISIS brutally murdered 24 civilians from the locals of al-Bweir village,” which is also located near Manjib.
The ministry cited striking similarities between the massacres committed by the US-led Coalition and the terrorist organizations in an attempt to exacerbate the situation across Syria following the Syrian army’s recent wins in Aleppo city,”continued the letter to the UN quoted by the agency.
“Concluding the letters, the ministry vowed continued efforts to fight terrorism in parallel with political endeavors to reach a solution for the crisis through an intra-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference, urging the UN Security Council to enforce its anti-terrorism resolutions against the countries backing terrorism.”
The latest incident comes two days after the US opened an investigation into the deaths of at least 73 civilians in the same area during another Coalition airstrike on July 19.

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Here's a story about a Black man in ottawa who was beaten to death for the crime of being mentally ill. The kkkops say that any allegations of racism are "inappropriate". Fucking morons. Beating someone to death for being Black and mentally ill is also fucking "inappropriate". He was dead before he reached the fucking hospital. Fuck the asshole kkkops for acting so appropriately to their system.

Hundreds of people gathered for a memorial Tuesday evening in the park across from where witnesses say Abdirahman Abdi was beaten by police during an arrest on Sunday.
Abdi, a 37-year-old Somali-Canadian with mental health issues, lived in an apartment building at 55 Hilda St. with his family, who moved to Canada eight years ago.
Halima Said used to live there and she was shocked to hear about the violent incident.
"I raised two kids in this building," Said recalled while holding a candle at the memorial. "I know a lot of people in this building. I work in this community, so this is home to me and we have never had this type of incident in our building."
She came to show support for the Abdi family, who lost a brother and son. She said there needs to be answers and accountability about the way he died.
"We just need to know why this happened the way it did," Said said. "And, most importantly, those who committed this crime need to be held accountable for people to renew their faith in the police force, especially people from the black community."
Ontario's police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit, is handling the investigation into Abdi's death. They have not  yet determined whether the officers did anything wrong, and the investigation could take months.
On Sunday morning, police had responded to a call of a man groping people at the Bridgehead coffee shop, which led to a foot pursuit.
Abdi's death was confirmed Monday, though the family says doctors told them he died before he arrived at hospital on Sunday morning.
Abdirahman Abdi composite photos
Abdirahman Abdi, 37, was a Somali-Canadian with mental health issues whose family moved to Canada eight years ago. He was pronounced dead Monday afternoon after losing vital signs during a confrontation with police on Sunday morning. (Images supplied by family)

'It could've been me'

Said said Abdi's death made her worry about the safety of her 18-year-old son.
"What if my son is one day stopped by the cop — what will happen to him? Will his colour of skin be an impediment for him? Would he be treated different?" she asked.
"That subject, you never want to talk to your kids about, but one has to do that."
Moses Mutabaruka came to Hintonburg in part because he's worried about his own safety when dealing with police in Ottawa and his neighbourhood in Gatineau.
"I thought it could've been me," he said. "I've been stopped walking on the street and thrown on the front of a police car and searched for no reason at all other than I looked like a suspect in the neighbourhood that I happened to live in."
Both Said and Mutabaruka said they took hope from all the different people who came to the memorial.
"Not just dialogue, because I think we talk too much," Mutabaruka said. "Some kind of solution has to come out of this sad event."
Moses Mutabaruka attended the memorial for Abdirahman Abdi
Gatineau resident Moses Mutabaruka attended the memorial and says he came in part because he's worried about his own safety dealing with police. (CBC)

Funeral to be held Friday

The memorial was described as an informal gathering and there were very few speeches and no organized program. Muslims in attendance stepped aside for the evening prayer with some supporters saying they would stand behind them during their prayer in support.
Abdi's brother-in-law, Khalif Ismail, thanked the people who gathered on behalf of the family.
"They're really happy to see this ... everybody from all kinds of people, all kinds of colours. We really appreciate and [are] thankful to everybody for the support of this family," he said.
He also announced Abdi's funeral would take place Friday at the Ottawa Mosque.
Abdirahman Abdi's brother-in-law Khalif Ismail thanked people at the memorial
Abdirahman Abdi's brother-in-law, Khalif Ismail, thanked people at the memorial in Hintonburg. (CBC)
Candles at the memorial for Abdirahman Abdi at Somerset Square
People left candles at the memorial for Abdirahman Abdi at Somerset Square. (Matthew Kupfer/CBC)

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I love this section of Revolution website/newspaper, where they call out all of the historic crimes committed in the name of "truth, democracy, and the american way". The leaders of that country won't know truth until it hits them square in the face and takes their rotting putrid murderous system down.

American Crime

Updated June 18, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

American Crime is a regular feature of Each installment focuses on one of the 100 worst crimes committed by the U.S. rulers—out of countless bloody crimes they have carried out against people around the world, from the founding of the U.S. to the present day.
Members of the youth wing of the Indonesian Communist Party being hauled to a Jakarta prison, October 30, 1965.AP photo

Case #100: 1965 Massacre in Indonesia

THE CRIME: Bloated corpses clogged and choked the rivers of Indonesia. Villagers didn’t want to eat anything caught in these waters because human fingers were found inside the fish. This sounds like a horror movie. But this was an American-made reality. For many months, starting at the end of 1965, the Suharto regime in Indonesia slaughtered people with wild abandon. At least 500,000, perhaps more than a million, people were killed, including members of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), trade unionists, intellectuals, teachers, land reform advocates, ordinary peasants, ethnic Chinese, women, and children. Hundreds of thousands more were arrested and tortured. Read more
Osage Avenue burns after Philadelphia police dropped bomb on MOVE house. May 13, 1985.

Case #99: May 13, 1985 – The MOVE Massacre

THE CRIME: 5:35 am, May 13, 1985. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Gregore Sambor aims his bullhorn at the house at 6221 Osage Avenue and declares: “Attention MOVE! This is America.” Seven adults and six children, members of the MOVE organization, were in their home. Outside, hundreds of heavily armed police and city officials surrounded them. Fifteen minutes later the police assault began. By the end, five children ages 9 to 14 were murdered by the police, as were six adults, their bodies mostly in pieces. Sixty-one homes were burned; 250 people rendered homeless. Read more

Case #98: 1953 CIA Coup in Iran: Torture and Repression – Made in the U.S.A.

 In Tehran, Iran on August 19, 1953, mobs joined by the military took over streets chanting “Long live the Shah! Death to Mossadegh!” They ransacked pro-Mossadegh newspapers and attacked his supporters.
THE CRIME: On August 19, 1953, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) along with British intelligence launched a military coup overthrowing Iran’s popular, elected prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh. In 1951, during an upsurge of protest against British colonialism, Mossadegh had nationalized Britain’s Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Great Britain had plundered Iran’s oil wealth for decades. Britain moved to destabilize Mossadegh’s government, including by launching an international boycott of Iranian oil. The U.S. soon joined the coup plotting, conspiring with Iran’s Mohammad Reza Shah [King] Pahlavi and the military, and orchestrating an anti-Mossadegh propaganda campaign. Read more
Nagasaki mail carrier Sumiteru Taniguchi's back injuries, taken in January 1946, from the U.S. atomic bomb attack on August 9, 1945.

Case #97: August 6, 1945 – The Nuclear Incineration of Hiroshima

THE CRIME: At 8:15 am, on August 6, 1945, a blazing, million-degree fireball suddenly appeared just above the Japanese city of Hiroshima, instantly killing, burning alive, or vaporizing tens of thousands. Firestorms engulfed the city. Shockwaves and winds over 1,000 miles an hour came next, shattering bodies and buildings, hurling men, women, and children through the air. Nearly all structures were destroyed over a mile from ground zero. Read more
My Lai Massacre
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Case #96: Vietnam, March 16, 1968—The My Lai Massacre

THE CRIME: On Saturday morning, March 16, 1968, 100 soldiers from Charlie Company, U.S. Army Americal Division, entered and took over My Lai, a small hamlet in Vietnam’s countryside. “We met no resistance and I only saw three captured weapons... It was just like any other Vietnamese village—old papa-sans, women and kids,” a soldier said. “The order we were given was to kill and destroy everything that was in the village,” another soldier later testified. Read more
 Ixil indigenous women outside the court the day after a judge ordered the suspension of the genocide trial against Guatemala's former dictator General Efrain Rios Montt and General Jose Mauricio Rodriguez Sanchez, April 19, 2013. AP photo
Photo: AP

Case #95: Reagan's Butcher Carries Out Genocide in Guatemala

THE CRIME: In the early 1980s, following a U.S.-backed coup by General José Efraín Ríos Montt, the Guatemalan military systematically destroyed more than 600 indigenous Mayan villages in the highlands of the country. Seventy-five thousand people, overwhelmingly Mayans, were slaughtered under Ríos Montt in this small, impoverished country in Central America. Soldiers ripped the hearts out of children as their bodies were still warm and piled them on a table for their parents to see. Read more
Fallujah, Iraq, November 2004. Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Case #94: November 2004—War Crime Fallujah

THE CRIME: In the early morning hours of November 8, 2004, the U.S. launched “Operation Phantom Fury”—a massive air and ground assault on Fallujah, a city of 300,000 in central Iraq.
Weeks before, the U.S. military had cut off entry and exit from Fallujah. U.S. Marine and Army troops poured thousands of artillery rounds, hundreds of rockets, bombs, and missiles, and nearly 100,000 machine gun and cannon rounds into this densely populated city. A U.S. Marine sergeant warned, “We’ll unleash the dogs of hell, we’ll unleash ‘em... They don’t even know what’s coming—hell is coming! If there are civilians in there, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Read more
This U.S. Army photograph, once classified "top secret", shows a moment during the summary execution of 1,800 South Korean political prisoners by the U.S.-backed South Korean military at Taejon, South Korea, over three days in July 1950.Photo: U.S. Army

Case #93: U.S. Invasion of Korea—1950

The Crime: Mass murder of millions; carpet bombing an entire country into rubble; use of chemical weapons against civilians; repeatedly threatening use of nuclear weapons; wholesale rape of women.
In June 1950 the U.S. orchestrated a United Nations invasion of Korea. Of the 342,000 invading troops, 90 percent were American, and the entire force was under U.S. command. The U.S. and its allied war criminals killed millions of Koreans in three years of open warfare—estimates range from three to five million. The dead were overwhelmingly civilians. Read more
ACT UP demonstrators, angry with the government's response to the AIDS crisis, shut down the Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, MD, October 1988.
AP photo

Case #92: Ronald Reagan Condemns 180,000 Gay Men and Others to Demonization, and Death by AIDS

THE CRIME: In 1981, at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan presidency, an AIDS epidemic broke out in the United States. For four years, Reagan studiously refused to even utter the word “AIDS” in public. By 1987, the first time Reagan would address AIDS with any substance, the plague had killed over 180,000 people in the U.S.
The toll was excruciating. Friends and lovers saw each other stricken by (what at first was) a terrifyingly mysterious disease that left people wasted away, unable to eat, covered with cancerous sores and—in every case—dead. Read more

Case #91: School of the Americas—Training Ground for Mass Murderers and Torturers, 1946-Present

THE CRIME: Since 1946, the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas (SOA) has trained military officers from countries all over Latin America. The school’s curriculum includes sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence, and interrogation tactics—including the use of torture, rape, disappearances, assassinations, and mass killings.
Victims of death squad in El Salvador
CIA and U.S. Army manuals used at the SOA have detailed torture techniques and advocated extortion, blackmail, and the targeting of civilian populations. A former political prisoner in Paraguay described how a section of these manuals gives “interrogators” instructions on “how to keep electric shock victims alive and responsive” and “recommends dousing the victims’ heads and bodies with salt water, and includes a sketch showing how this ‘treatment’ should be carried out.” Hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America have been tortured, raped, assassinated, “disappeared,” massacred, and forced to flee their homes and become refugees by armies and death squads led by military officers trained at the SOA. Read more

Case #90: The Sullivan Expedition, 1779—Genocide of Native Peoples and Scorched Earth in Upstate New York

Destruction of Indian villages
THE CRIME: In June 1779, heavily armed caravans of more than 6,200 American soldiers headed north from Pennsylvania and west from a town near Albany, New York. These forces, under the command of General John Sullivan, comprised about 25 percent of the Continental Army, which had been formed by the Continental Congress of former colonies that were in a war for independence from England.
Their target: Native American tribes who lived in western New York—the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora, Cayuga, and Seneca peoples. These peoples called themselves the Haudenosaunee, and are known to historians as the Iroquois League or Iroquois Confederacy. The mission of Sullivan’s troops: the “total destruction and devastation of their settlements, and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible,” in the words of the commander in chief of the Continental Army. Read more
People of Japnese descent lined up at a train that will take them to the concentration camp at Gila River, Ariz., 1942.

Case #89: 120,000 People of Japanese Descent Put in U.S. Concentration Camps During World War 2

THE CRIME: During World War 2, 120,000 people of Japanese descent, nearly the entire Japanese population living in the continental U.S., were rounded up and imprisoned in concentration camps throughout the western states within months of Japan’s December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. naval base in Hawai‘i. Sixty-two percent of those imprisoned were U.S. citizens; and more than half were children. They were never charged with a crime; never given a hearing; but summarily rounded up and held for more than two years in remote locations, solely on the basis of their nationality. Read more

Case #88: Nuclear Testing in the Pacific

AP Photo
THE CRIME: Between 1946 and 1962, the U.S. government conducted nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean, contaminating thousands of Pacific Islands. Entire peoples suffered and continue to suffer from the effects of this nuclear testing up to today.
In 1946, a year after the end of World War 2 and the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (see American Crime #97), the U.S. launched its first nuclear test on Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands. Between 1947 and 1962 the U.S. conducted 102 atmospheric and underwater tests in the Pacific Proving Ground—comprising 80 percent of all nuclear contamination in the U.S. history of nuclear testing. This is roughly equivalent to 1.7 Hiroshima explosions every single day for the 12 years between 1946 and 1958. Of these tests, 67 were atomic bombs. Read more

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Just because trump is an asshole, it doesn't mean that clinton and obama are any fucking good. They are all playing the same game trying to get the same job.....

Obama in Dallas: Honeyed Words, a Pot of Lies, and One Important Truth

July 12, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |

Head butchers trying put a human face on the enforcers of their butchery.
This was Obama and Bush in Texas today.
Bush who ordered the wars that led to the deaths of a million people in Iraq. Obama who's carried that forward and modified it through proxy wars which have done the same and driven even more people onto the hunted, perilous path of the refugee. The both of them who have taken turns presiding over the murders by police of at least 1000 people a year, and over a prison system that keeps over 2 million people locked up—the highest number in the world and the highest percentage of the population, by far, of any country, and a hugely disproportionate share of which are Black people, Latinos and Native American Indians.
Within this, it fell of course to Obama, the current “assassin-in-chief” to fit all this into an absolutely upside down framework, and to try to totally distort the nature of the problem we face.
Listen to audio of the Message, recorded by members of the Revolution Club, Obama, the main problem is not “hearts of stone.” It is a vampire system that sucks blood all over the planet and that you have dedicated yourself to maintaining and strengthening. No, Obama, the problem is not the “bias” or “bigotry” of individuals (much as this system reinforces this), or people not understanding “their different experiences”—it is America itself, a society divided at its core into exploiters and exploited, oppressors and oppressed, and it is the conscious policies undertaken by the masters of America to maintain that exploitation and oppression. No, Obama the problem is not lack of communication between police departments and “minority communities”—it is the fact that the police most directly enforce those oppressive relations and they enforce it most sharply of all against Black and Latino people in the inner cities. And because of that there is absolutely no righteous basis whatsoever on which to bring slave-chaser and slave together to sing “Kumbaya.”
And no, Obama, “the overwhelming majority” of cops are not good. If they were, why did and do so many cops turn out to cheer whenever one of their brothers gets charges dropped when they murder a Black (or Latino or Native American Indian) youth (as hundreds of NY pigs did when the charges against the blue-suited killer of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham were dropped)? If they were, how do you account for the pervasive cop culture of racism and hatred of gay people and women laid bare whenever their e-mails or radio transmissions happen to get revealed? If they were, why does this “overwhelming majority” never turn in or testify against the so-called “few bad apples”? And if they were, why do so many now fear the presence of video cameras in people's hands, like Dracula shrinking from the sunlight?
But listen—Obama did reveal one important truth today. He raised the point that over the past week “the deepest faultlines [of this society] were exposed and perhaps even widened.” He openly worried that “the center won't hold.” He is talking about the oppressed rising up and sharp divisions at the top over how to deal with that, to the point where the New York Post page one headline last week was “Civil War.” He is talking about wide sections of people in society coming to see that the force used to maintain this system is ILLEGITIMATE and coming to lose their fear of those who wield it.
That's why he had that catatonic zombie Bush there—to try to chill out the hard-core racists and fascists that are straining to get off their leash (and have a champion now in the outright fascist and racist Chump). And that's why he spent so much time lecturing the movement on how “progress has been made” during his lifetime and telling them to tone it down. He desperately wants to stuff this movement back into the closet and he, along with large sections of the rulers, are very worried that this time, so far, the people have stayed in the streets and refused to be intimidated.
So, one last time: No, Obama... HELL NO, OBAMA. At a time like this, when the rulers are trying to patch things together, there are three choices. You can try to help them patch it up. You can put your head in the sand and hope it goes away while the fabric of the world tears. Or you can work to bring into being something far better, a society without exploitation or oppression, a society beyond America and the horrific system it enforces here and around the world.  
To speak to both Obama and the fascist Chump, and Hillary Clinton as well, America Was Never Great. It was founded on genocide and slavery, and it has continued this oppression in different forms today. We need to step up this struggle, and we need to dig into the real history of this country, the real nature of this capitalist-imperialist system, and the real way out. We need, in other words, to increasingly make this struggle today part of a movement that could lead to a REAL revolution, aimed at wiping out exploitation and oppression and bringing a whole new world into being, the New Socialist Republic in North America. We need to build a movement for an actual revolution now to overthrow the system.  
There is a party prepared to take responsibility to lead this. There is a party with the science, the strategy and the leadership, in Bob Avakian, to take that forward—to work today to bring about the time when millions can be led to go all-out for revolution, with a real chance of winning.
Join us. A better world IS possible.
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

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First of all, at one of my jobs they listen to the local classic rock radio station. It's fucking stale and boring, and the station  loves the tragically hip. I feel bad for the singer getting cancer and everything, but their music is fucking dull and shitty. They are the Beachcombers of rock and roll. For those of you too young to know that lame canadian show, look it up, because I'm not going to do it for you. Everyone is making a big fucking deal of their concert happening here next week. I wouldn't go across the street if they were playing for free. Yawn.

Second of all, I was cleaning the bathroom today, and whilst doing so, I dug up an old tape that Mike Synnuck made for me decades ago, titled FUCKING PUNK! It is fucking amazing, featuring bands such as Channel 3, The Stretchmarks, State, Stalag 13, Double O, The Fix, and 7 Seconds. It is chock fulla hits, I tells ya, and now my bathroom is spotless. Thanks Mike.

And how many of you assholes are flying the fucking french imperialist rag on their fucking facefuck accounts because of the bastille day attack ? More than one, I'm sure. Are you also displaying the Syrian flag after the fucking french army heroically flew over 30 airstrikes on the civilians of Syria ? Fuck. Obviously, the citizens of france do not deserve to get attacked. My point is, that nothing is fucking "unprovoked " !!!! You can not walk over to someone's house, set it on fire, and expect them to do nothing in return. Fuck that. Read this, buttholes.....

‘Beyond a massacre: France deliberately bombed Syrian civilians after Nice attack’

© Rodi Said
Western coalition forces knew they were attacking an area inhabited by civilians and yet they carried out a bombing. How can 30 airstrikes be a mistake? How can they all be a mistake, political commentator Marwa Osman asked RT.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has written to the UN blaming US and French warplanes for the deaths of more than 100 civilians near the city of Manbij.
The alleged French act of aggression claimed the lives of more than 120 civilians, most of them children, women and elderly. The fate of scores of other civilians still under the debris is unknown. The letter also mentioned the French air strikes came a day after US warplanes conducted a bombing raid, which Damascus claims killed 20 other civilians.
RT: In January, the US-led coalition was reportedly (as claimed by CNN) prepared for up to 50 civilian deaths when it decided to target an ISIS cash vault. Can the risk of so-called collateral damage be justified for the greater good?
Marwa Osman: They blatantly call it ‘collateral damage’ when it is lives of the Syrian people which are being lost here. No one is talking about this, about the grave lives of the people who are living in Syria because of this coalition, because of the support this coalition has been giving to all sorts of groups. We already saw that the same thing in the French bombing, we saw the same thing that happened in a school in Iraq’s Nineveh massacre of 36 children after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. And now after the Nice attack, we see this in Syria. This is beyond unacceptable, this is beyond a massacre. They knew that this is an inhabited area by civilians and yet they did it. How can 30 airstrikes be a mistake? How can they all be a mistake? This is unacceptable…
RT: How is it possible the US claims it doesn't know anything about this airstrike and that they're still gathering information?
MO: They’re still gathering information? How come they did an airstrike without the information? I am sorry but we are not idiots. Our minds are not somewhere backwards. We know what is happening. We know that every flight that is being made costs more than $200,000 for a jet to go up in the air. And I am very sure that any state that gets a jet up in the air to bomb someone knows exactly what they are bombing. What they did is a… retaliatory move, a fast move just to breed blood in the streets of Syria just to say to the French and the US public: “Look, we are fighting ISIS.” This is not how they fight ISIS. They fight ISIS by stopping the Turkish state from opening its borders where they infiltrate, by stopping the funding, by stopping the arming and by stopping the so-called moderate rebels who yesterday killed a 12-year-old boy. These are the moderates of the US. The US recognizes the support for this Nour al-Din al-Zenki brigade that killed the boy. And trust me, they know who they are because today they told them: “We are going to stop the funding if you continue doing this.” They have been doing this for the past five years. They know everything that is going on. I surely appreciate what the Syrian government is doing by sending this message to the UN but this is not enough... This is definitely not enough. Syrians are suffering; they are dying by the hundreds. People need to wake up and see what their governments are doing and stop them. Because it is their tax payments that are causing the suffering over the world, especially in Syria and Iraq. I am very sure that they know who they are fighting and bombing, but they just pretend that they don’t know.
RT: Do you think there will be an independent and transparent investigation of the incident? Will those responsible be held accountable?
MO: The 9/11 didn’t have any sort of a real investigation, do you think any investigation inside of Syria will come up with some sort of solution or conclusion that will give a closure to the people that lost their family members? No, I don’t think that is going to happen any time. They are not even going to pay a dollar to make this investigation happen…
The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.