Sunday, 19 February 2012


There are times when things go from the ridiculous, to the maddening, to the just plain stupid. This brings us to the Victoria cops. This story brightened my day, just for the purely sitcom aspect of the whole thing. It's taken from CTV:

A number of dangerous weapons, including a shotgun and tear gas canisters, have gone missing form the Victoria Police Department, spurring two full-scale investigations and a public alert.
The equipment was found missing from the Crowd Management Unit earlier this week. There's no word yet on where it is or how it was removed, but police say all of the items are easily identifiable as police property.
"Clearly this is unacceptable. Whether the items were stolen, improperly disposed of or inadvertently misplaced, it is unacceptable not to know their current disposition. For that, I take full responsibility," Chief Jamie Graham told reporters Friday.
"The worst scenario possibly in the world is that some youngster gets his hands on this and hurts himself."
Police say the Remington shotgun was strictly used by officers in a non-lethal capacity, but is the item of "greatest concern" in the investigation because it can also be fired using conventional 12-gauge ammunition.
Other missing items include pepper balls, which are similar to paintballs but contain pepper solution, anti-riot ARWEN rounds and tactical vests.
Anyone who finds the missing equipment is urged not to touch it, and asked to call 911 immediately.
Graham says he has ordered two investigations into the missing equipment. The department's detective division will look into the circumstances that led to the disappearance, while the professional standards unit will examine any changes necessary to internal policies and practices.
The chief added that there are no signs of a break-in at the police station.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Just hours ago, I was at a "punk" show, half of which was about as rebellious as your mom. I would like to offer up the following observations and suggestions. If your aim is to be the second coming of
Rancid, then fuck off. If you sound radio-friendly before your band has even recorded, go away. If you sound like snowboard video soundtrack music, and are loved by university students and other low-lifes, then holy shit, what the fuck are you doing?! Just get your fucking record deal and be done with it. You have as much in common with punk as justin bieber and lady fucking gaga. I guess I just don't get why anyone like this would be attracted to the "punk" label to begin with. Obviously, it's got more to do with the commercialisation of the music, than with actually seeking out bands that are worth something. And yes, believe it or not, there are some bands out there who will sell only hundreds of copies of a record, and are more valuable than the warp-tour shitheads who will sell millions. Fuck 'em. Hero Dishonest, Coke Bust, Government Warning, Vitamin X, Vile Intent, these out. Full sleeves and neck tattoos are not necessarily signs of being badass, at least not anymore. Now it seems the opposite is true. I know, music is totally subjective, and there's my subjective opinion. Take it as you like. It really doesn't fucking matter. See ya.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The u.s.a. arrogantly calls itself the "leader of the free world", with the pathetic canadian harper government echoing everything the americans say. Rape, murder, and racism is part of their culture, and yet they would proclaim that theirs is the best of all possible worlds. They have publicly taken on the mission of spreading their version of freedom (slavery for everyone else) to the entire world. And if you disagree, you will be taken out. Read this article about the prison system in the u.s.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Two nights ago I watched this documentary, thinking it would be both interesting and entertaining. I was right. But what actually got me more than anything else, was how fucking stupid the guys from the "punk" band Pennywise are. The lead singer says something like, now that he has kids, he feels he's becoming part of the same system that he's always fought against?!! Fucking  frat boy favourites pennywise?!! Holy crap, define "fighting aginst the system" for me, please. They have footage of the band playing a fucking jagermeister tour, complete with giant fucking product banners behind the stage, coupled with some of the lamest onstage banter you will ever hear. And while the singer was packing his stuff to go on tour, he was bringing hair dye, so as not to "disappoint the kids". He was also bringing ball caps, to hide his receding hair line. Perhaps his dishonesty will disappoint the kids, and not anything else. Maybe once the kids discover real underground punk, they will be severely diappointed. Realistically though, most people grow out of this bullshit and move on. To his credit, he decided to leave pennywise to spend more time with his family. Good, because the music fucking sucks. All of the other guys involved in the film were unsurprising, and there were some things that were universally relatable. Duane Peter's interview was the saddest, and undoubtedly the most real. I would recommend this film, but do not pay for it. Find it online. Bye.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


I am a middle-aged man. Where I differ than most other middle-aged men in this country, is in this: I play in a hardcore band. I skateboard. I do not watch hockey. It bores me, and I just don't care. I do NOT support the troops. I will not support any military adventure where anyone invades another country. Especially since there is no such thing as invading with such high sounding causes as the promotion of "democracy", and other bullshit. The recent Afghanistan adventure is a case in point. Canadian mining companies have just been granted rights to one of the biggest copper deposits in the world. Human rights my ass.
  I also am sick of the crap about how people fought and died so we could be free(and fucking vote). No, they did not. No one went to die so we could vote for rich motherfuckers so they could help other rich motherfuckers dupe and exploit us, and other working people the world over. Fuck voting, and fuck you. It's a distraction, and a lie. And it works for the ruling class.
  I do not believe in respecting your elders. Respect must be earned. Just because someone happens to live to a ripe decrepit age, does not automatically mean they should be respected. This is how kids get exploited and abused. Besides, people of all ages are full of shit. Take them at their actions, and their words.
   I do not believe in automatic respect for the authorities. This system is corrupt, and it's protectors are assholes. The mouthpieces of this crap are useless and harmful. Once in a rare while, someone will say or do something of value. But this is an exception.
  Just starting the month with a little venting. I'm not really sorry if anyone doesn't like it. Have  a delightful day.