Friday, 8 December 2017


Another fucking fantastic show at Subculture last night, with Spirits ,a hardcore band from Boston headlining. The gig came about because they had a date that was cancelled, so Dave from Victoria hardcore band Shallow End ( who have quickly become one of my favourite local bands ), put on the show, in an almost last minute fashion.  Legit Heat started the proceedings. It was my first time seeing them, and they were excellent pummeling crusty thrash. I look forward to seeing them again.
   Again, thanks to Spirits, Legit Heat, Steve and Rob running the place ( Spirits just couldn't say enough positive things about the space, and how unique it is ), and especially Dave from Shallow End bringing it all together. It was a small but appreciative crowd, who were truly there for the music, and lend their support to the underground scene. See you at the next one.
And while you're at it, read an in depth interview with Spirits from 2016. Thank you and good day.