Sunday, 31 December 2017


We live in a time and place where stupidity and arrogance are rewarded, while those attempting to do good by humanity are either ignored, or outright denigrated. The most powerful and dangerous country on earth is being ruled by an imbecile and former t.v. reality show star, who generally issues his decrees through threatening or insulting "tweets", while the music being pushed on to the youth is some of the most idiotic garbage you will ever hear , with most of these fucking morons thanking god for their ever fleeting success. The amerikkkan government is packed with assholes who either ignore slavery, or reduce it to a historical footnote , instead of recognizing it as the foundation of their fucking empire. Don't get too fucking smug though, as trudeau has a member of his fucking government who says that there were some positive aspects to residential schools. Easy for her to say, when her family wasn't subjected to the rape, beatings, and death that accompanied any attempts to keep your language and culture alive . Fucking asshole.
   That's it for today. Happy New Year, assholes.