Monday, 22 January 2018


It's truly incredible that the n.d.p. have survived for so long without having either brain or spine. Just as amazing is the efforts of their supporters to defend any and every flip-flop their beloved unprincipled bunch of dorks make. Of course, the latest one if the complete 180 they've made on the Site C Dam  , which they vehemently opposed while they were the opposition , and now are going ahead with the project. Their main excuse is that there has already been a huge amount of money spent to get it started, so they'd might as well finish it. Pathetic , superficial bullshit. So what is to be read into this is that everything has it's price, including  whatever it is you claim you stand for , and never mind what the First Nations , environmentalists and scientists think. Fuck the n.d.p. Read the link about Site C.