Monday, 12 February 2018


Here's the weirdo translation. I do have to agree that it is really horny produced ....


Burn The Rats Out

Format: CD
Playing time: 41:18

For twenty years there is the political Canadian band AK-47. Here they present their fourth publication. Shame on you labels that you do not sign such a band. What a great in-house production, powerful in sound, yet punky, dirty and thrashy. 

Mighty also the extent: 31 driving and angry songs in 41 minutes along with lyricsheet and informative liner notes. But the whole thing gets really cool when the lead guitar with their solos misses the songs a certain NWoBHM-touch. 

Anyone looking for a mix of DRI, MOTÖRHEAD at 45 rpm, NEGATIVE APPROACH and ZEKE and also dedicated texts, should definitely risk an ear here. Really horny produced crusty thrashy old school hardcore, as it was in the eighties and nineties was common.