Tuesday, 3 April 2018


The one thing I take away from the pope's refusal to apologize for the role the church played in the residential school system, is that they were all in on it. The system was authorized and implemented by the kkkanadian state , and these children were taken from their families and handed over to those fucking god serving pedophiles. If apologies were already made on behalf of the lutheran, anglican , and united churches, then they were all fucking in on the same disgusting genocidal predatory shit. "Our" prime minister says he's " disappointed " by the pope's refusal to apologize. Me too. But I'm also fucking furious with the way an apology is supposed to erase everything that's been done to Indigenous people all over this fucking planet. There is extreme racism towards Native people right here in kkkanada , believe it or not moronic liberals, and it has to fucking be done away with. Apologies are not enough. Words are only words.