Monday, 15 January 2018


In the most blatantly cynical and superficial cheap propaganda moves since they built up support for the invasion of Iraq, the amerikkkan media were hysterically reporting on a " false alarm " of an imminent missile attack on Hawaii. They claim that an employee " pressed the wrong button ". Give me a fucking break. This is all garbage. They are building up support for some sort of strike on North Korea. Idiots are going to be saying shit like, " Well, what if it was real ? Something has to be done about that madman ". And they would be right, except the madman that I'm talking about is shitforbrains trump. This is similar to the transparent ( at least to some ) "reporting " on Afghanistan, the taliban , and the attack on the world trade centre , and followed that immediately with a report on saddam and Iraq. People started linking that shit. Fuck trump and his war moves.